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20 Healthy Mantras For Dandruff Free Scalp.

Use of herbal shampoos is safe and effective in the management of dandruff scalp. Regular use or weekly twice or thrice is very good concept in maintaining the scalp hygiene. Many of us just use to apply the shampoo before shower, whereas the formula is somehow different. Use some lukewarm water before you apply shampoo in your hairs then use the shampoo and leave it at lest for 10 minutes then raise it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Some company suggests repeating the thing once again but if you are a regular then once is enough.For the beginners, who started medications and suffering from severe dandruff  mast use a brush in the scalp for first few days then do it after every 15 days.Use of Triphala is very much effective in the treatment of dandruff. Raise your hairs with luke warm water then apply Triphala decoction or Powder (After Mixing with Water) and keep for half an hours then wash thoroughly.Sweat is the main cause of dandruff in the peoples using two wheelers. Always use …

Why Ayurvedic Drugs Having No Expiry Date...?

The world is running on various faiths, customs, and beliefs. Regarding Ayurveda also there are many beliefs of which few are true, few are half-true, and many are very wrong. Regarding the Ayurvedic medicine people believes that they have no expiry date and as time goes the efficacy just increases. However, is that true? Before you know that, you have to jump in the past to know what our ancient Acharyas told us regarding the different preparations.       In Ayurveda, there are many types of formulations that are used by the people of the Asian subcontinent since long back. According to Ayurveda, all those formulations are having some definite time regarding the efficacy of the drugs. The list is so far as bellow,
Type Of Formulation (Mentioned In Ayurvedic Classics) Time Of Efficacy (With Proper Packing As Available In Market) Churna(Powders Given For Oral medication) 2-4 months Guggulu Preparation (likeKaishore Guggulu) Up to 5 Years (With Preservative) Vati/ Gutika / T…

Ayurvedic Medicines Also Having Some Side effect.

Ayurveda, the science of life is a system of treatment based on physiological basics and herb- mineral medicines. The treatment of Ayurveda is also somehow homely and dedicated to Mother Nature. That is why we often used to say that Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. However, Ayurvedic doctors also follow Sir Newton’s 3rd law. Yes, like every action having some opposite reaction. Ayurvedic drugs also not beyond this theory. Due to the closeness of Mother Nature the ingredients are less harmless, and many of them are having no bad effects but not all. There are plenty of drugs and herbs which having some adverse effects if taken wrongly. As we know, some people are allergic to some particular drugs or plant, and that plant extract can be an ingredient of your medicine. We also use many minerals; sulfur is one of them, and many people are sensitive to sulfur. There are many herbs that are contraindicated in pregnancy and if they are taken during that period, they can be fatal f…

Ayurvedic And Herbal Treatment For Diabetic Neuropathy

It is very complicated stage of Diabetes  Mellitus when people suffering from it develops some extra feelings in their body. Living with Diabetes is really very tough. More over Neuropathy adds some more mental pressure. But unfortunately such consequences of diabetes indicates not maintenance of  diabetic profile given to you. Though in villages or even in small town where people are not aware of diabetes come to doctor after developing this symptom which is a indicates of long standing undiagnosed, untreated diabetes. In Ayurveda there are some medicines are there that can help you for this long run against diabetes. 
What is it ?       Weakness or Complete/Partial sensation loss or Any odd feeling (Tingling / Burning /Numbness / Tightness / Pain ) in the body peripheries (Lower/Upper limbs) or Loss of control over urination or defecation or other consequences(Indigestion, Hypertension, Bloating etc) for defects in Autonomic nerves system are termed as Neuropathy. When all this happ…

Scabies; Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment

One or more close relatives or friends may develop same features of itching. Sharing cloths or bed or close contact are the prior causes of and mode of transmission. It is the most common and most irritating communicable skin disease. Very common in school going students. So let us try some herbal preparation for it.
Story behind the Screen       It occurs due to a mite Carus Scabiei, At the very earlier their seems no reaction in the body. Then they lay eggs and starts making colony in our skins. Only from that stage, our body starts reacting on their presence, eggs, and faces. After few days, the sequence begins. Thus, we used to live with a mite and they feel us in form of sever itching. Symptoms ØItching on the waistline and navel, buttock  ØReddish colorization of skin ØMore one people in the family may develop same symptom ØItching and ulceration in between the fingers ØItching around neck, scalp ØItching in palms and soles ØScratches develop from itching. ØRed, dry, scaly, irritat…

Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment For Sciatica Syndrome (Gridhirisi)

Sciatica!!! Ohhhh!!! It's paining..... It's killing me.

           We often heard like this  from the people who are suffering from it. Truly, it is a very painful condition of the  back to the lower limb. Only those are suffering from can describe the intensity and difficulty in normal daily work. It is actually a condition where our Sciatic nerve remains in the compressed position due to the pressure from lumber vertebra. It is a very odd condition where the normal walking style alters and based on this in the Ayurveda such condition called as Gridhirisi, The name itself indicates the way of the gate shown by the patients due to extreme pain just like a Gridhra (vulture), it is clear that this disease not only inflicts pain but also causes difficulty in walking, which is very much frustrating and embarrassing to the patient.
So What Is It?

      It's nothing but a pain in the distribution of the sciatic nerve, which begins from buttock and radiates downwards to the poster…