Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Cumin (Jeera/ Jira / Jiraka / Cuminum cyminum

       A Spice Cum Herb, which is a regular ingredient for most of the Indian kitchens. You can see that when we cook meat (Mostly in Indian kitchen) we used to give Jeera/Cumin but we never think why? Is it because of taste or something else? Actually as a spice it adds the taste and aroma in the discs but due to its hidden curing activities it acts as a digestive and so that it actually helps in digestion. In Ayurveda, all food substances considered as a medicine because they supports the body so as in cumin. So let us see how we can use cumin in other aspects.
Scientific Name 
Ø  Cuminum cyminum
Interesting Facts
Ø  The cumin plant grows to 30–50 cm tall and harvested by hand.
Ø  There are several different types of cumin but the most famous ones are black and green cumin.
Ø  Cuminaldehyde, cymene and terpenoids are the major volatile components of cumin
Ø  Its origin is most probably Egypt, Turkmenistan and the east Mediterranean
Ø  In Sanskrit, Cumin is known as Jiraka. means “that which helps digestion"
Ø  70% of world’s demand cultivated in India and of which Indians consume 90%.
Ø  3,60,000 Tonnes of cumin produced in India last financial year (2013-14)
Ø  Cumin is a drought tolerant, in Rajasthan & Gujarat it grows profusely.
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø Helps in enhancing appetite,
Ø  Increases  taste perception of tongue
Ø  Helps digestion,
Ø  Very much useful in vomiting and nausea,
Ø  Used as a ingredients in many Ayurvedic formulations.
Ø  Improves vision and Good for eyes
Ø  It is a very good source of antioxidant
Ø  Used In treating fever according to Ayurveda (Jirna Jawar or Chronic Fever)
Ø  Gives Stamina And strength, as it improves the appetite
Ø  Promotes lactation.
Ø  It is good for heart and prevents heart diseases.
Ø  It has antimicrobial property.
Ø  Very much useful in diarrhoea,
Ø  Acts super in abdominal distension,
Ø  Very useful in digestion of heavy meal.
Ø  It is helpful in diabetes 
Ø  It plays a good rule in improving our immunological strength
Ø  It is used in many countries in different discs to improve the taste of tongue.
Ø  It stimulates the taste buds and acts to promote salivary secretion.  
Ø  Jeerakadhyarista
Ø  Jeera Powder
Ø  Almost in all digestive enzymes 
Healthy Recipes
Ø  Jeera Rice
Ø Prickles with Jeera
Ø Biscuits with Jeera
Ø All most all Indian Traditional Curry  (Mostly in North India, Specially Bengali Culture.


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