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Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment For Osteoarthritis (De-generative Arthritis Disease)

Osteoarthritis, a disease of decaying bones. It is a very common and critical problem worldwide. Almost all the elderly persons are suffering from it. It is a major health issue for all us. However, Osteoarthritis can also be seen young ages.  Osteoarthritis           It is a degenerative joint disease where your bones starts decaying and leads to a painful arthritis. Some mechanical abnormalities start just after the involvement of degeneration in the bones and this whole process leads to degradation of joints.           It also includes all the joint forming components like articular cartilage, tendons, subchondral bones etc. Calcium is the main bone component and any disease that hampering the absorption or maintain storage of calcium is directly associated with osteoarthritis. 
Inside Story inOsteoarthritis Actually due to mechanical stress our joints damages in their most active smooth functional edges and then due to bones self-repairing urges an insufficient, irregular re…

Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment For Laryngitis

A very common problem worldwide, but mostly seen during the seasonal changes. Larynx is a vital organ for humans as our vocal cord remain here. It is voice box like the speakers of our home theaters. Inflammation of this voice box or Larynx is called Laryngitis. There are various causes of its inflammation, which we will discuss. InAyurvedathere are many medicines for this particular disease. Symptoms ØPain in throat ØDifficulty in deglutition (Dysphagia) ØOccasional Fever or raise of temperature with chill ØUpper Respiratory tract infection (may be may not be) ØPalpable nodules in the neck and usually they are tender (Lymph Nodes) ØLoss of appetite ØDifficulty in talking ØCompete to moderate loss of voice ØBad breath or foul smelling ØRedness in the throat ØDifficulty in breathing ØSome ulceration can also be noticed in the neck ØDry, Sore, Burning Throat ØFelling of obstruction of something around the neck ØLoss of sleep ØFatigue ØEar ache ØIncreased production of saliva. ØFlu like symptoms ØVomi…