Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (in Women): Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment.

         A problem we often get into the day-to-day practice. Rather than the sufferer, the opposite partner (Husband or Male Partner) is used to more curious regarding the starting of treatment. In today’s life style, it is a major cause of divorce and family problems. It starts with the diminished sexual behavior of the women and may go to the complete absence of the sexual stimulation or sensation during libido. Even it is seen that female partners are no more interested in libido in cases of suffering girls or women. There are several social and pathological conditions, which trigger the circumstances and leads to Frigidity.


Social & Personal Causes:

  1. Fear of getting pregnant.
  2. Less sexual activity of opposite partner.
  3. Severe mental stress for any social cause.
  4. Join family with less chances of sexual activity.
  5. Spiritual activities.
  6. Intellectual occupations.
  7. Anxiety.
  8. Mental motivation about sexuality.
  9. Partner’s sexual problems or partner’s health status.
  10. Relationship factors like poor communication with partner.

Pathological Causes:

  1. Diminished reflex action in the spinal cord (Mainly Lumber region)
  2. Pain during sexual intercourse.
  3. Inflammation in vagina.
  4. Endocrine Diseases.
  5. Premature ejaculation of male mate.
  6. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  7. Skin Diseases
  8. Prolapse Uterus
  9. Any Other Uterine Diseases


  1. Lack of sexual desire.
  2. Very less sexual excitement.
  3. Absence of orgasm.
  4. Painful intercourse.
  5. Mental irritability during intercourse.
  6. Lack of cooperation during sexual activities.
  7. Sign of any fear during sexual activities.
  8. Irrelevant talking or thinking about another thing while in act.
  9. Sign of frustration  in face.
  10. Guilty feeling of not having a good sexual life leading to mental disorders.


         It is a kind of disease where the patient needs mental support and assurance from her partner. A good mental state and health approach from the husband or male partner can be helpful. Mainly two types of treatment procedure adopted by the treating physicians.
  1. Psychotherapy or better to call counselling regarding the problems encountered.
  2. Oral drug therapy for HSDD and associated diseases.

Effective Medicine :

  1. Aswagandha Churna 1 tsf twice daily with milk.
  2. Satavari Churna 1-2 tsf twice daily after food with milk
  3. Piustyhnuga Churna 1 tsf  twice daily with honey or rice water.
  4. Nastapuspantak Vati 1-2 tab twice daily
  5. Phala Ghrita 1tsf twice daily with milk
  6. Chandrapravha Vati 2-3 tab twice daily
  7. Syp. Ashokarista 4 tsf twice daily with half glass water just after food.
  8. Cap. Ashoka 1-2 cap twice daily
  9. Cap./Tab. Satavari 2cap/tab twice daily after food
  10. Cap./Tab. Aswagandha 2cap/tab twice daily after food
  11. Cap. Stresscom 1/2 cap twice daily
  12. Cap. Stressgaurd 1 /2 cap twice daily
  13. V Gel (Local Application)


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