Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Apamarga / Prickly chaff flower (Achyranthes aspera)


      The world is beautiful but surrounded by deadly diseases. Perhaps that is why God created so many herbs for us. Apamarga or Achyranthes aspera is one of them. God blesses this plant with multiple goodness. So let us explore them.

Scientific Name
Ø  Achyranthes aspera
Local Names
         Shikari, Adhashlya, Mayrouk, Kharmanjari, Prteak Puspa, Aghata, Chirchiri, Chirchita, Chichra, Lathjeera, Lathjira, Apanda, Aghara, Aghera, Najuribi, Utterena, Katlati, Akullam, Kharebajgun, Karal heba, Antisha, Mahabaka, Prickly chaff flower
Parts Used
  All Parts of the Plant
Ø  Raw Juice can be consumed 10-20 ml for healthy adults
Ø  Alkaline Preparation of this plant can be consume in .5-1 gm.
Interesting facts
Ø The plant can grow up to 1.2 meters.
Ø Seen all over the world
Ø It is one of the 21 leaves used in the Ganesh Puja (Worship Of Hindu God Ganesh)
Ø It is used for saving people from devil sprit
Ø Without it the Worship of lord Ganesh in Ganesh Chaturthi is not possible
Ø This plant is one of the 12 varieties whose leaves are used for worship in Hindu temples
Ø The ripened seeds get attached to your clothing when you walk through the bushes
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø  It acts as anti-venom for many poisons.
Ø  It is useful in Leprosy
Ø  It is useful in eczema 
Ø  It is a potent diuretic
Ø  It is good for heart and works as cardio tonic
Ø  It is a blood purifier
Ø  It helps in qualitative increase of blood components
Ø  It is helpful in treatment of  productive cough
Ø  It is helpful in treatment of  renal stones 
Ø  It helpful in reducing the acidity of urine
Ø  It is useful in Oedema
Ø  It is useful in loss of appetite
Ø  It is useful in Vomiting  Nausea
Ø  It is useful in Pain abdomen
Ø  It is useful in Indigestion
Ø  It is useful in flatulence 
Ø  It is useful in in piles
Ø  It is useful in worm infestation
Ø  It is useful in Thyroid disorder
Ø  It is useful in heart diseases
Ø  It is useful in rheumatic fever
Ø  It is useful in UTI
Ø  It is useful in Hydronephrosis
Ø  It is useful in in cough
Ø  It is useful in breathing difficulty
Ø  It is useful in skin infections
Ø  It is useful in in pigmentation disorders
Ø  It is useful in Anaemia
Ø  It is useful in Constipation 
Ø  It is used in rural areas for inducing abortion
Ø  It used for management of Postpartum bleeding
Ø  It used for inducing labour pain
Ø  It is used for the treatment of malaria
Ø  Locally it’s extract used for many ENT diseases
Ø  Locally used painful blisters
Ø  In Ear ache the alkaline preparation of the this plan is used
Ø  Used for Nasal disorders
Ø  Used in Eye disorders
Ø  ApmargaKshara Tail
        Almost a safe herb and no such adverse effect noted yet. But few precaution is better take depending on the character and action of herb.
Ø Avoid in Pregnancy.
Ø Avoid during lactation.
Ø Avoid during pre-operative or post-operative stages.
Ø Avoid in any case of reaction noted after use.


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