Dates; Medicinal Uses, Interesting Fats

Dates are a complete fruit in all aspects, which is really energizing and nutritious. Dates grow mainly among desert areas or dry areas.
Scientific Name
·        Phoenix dactylifera
Interesting Facts
·  The proportion of Calcium and Phosphorus are almost same as remain in Human body.
·       Full of minerals and essentials vitamins
·     Basically it is fruit of Deserts but Dates can be found in all over India though the fruits quality are better in deserts,
·        Dates for the middle east are considered best for the taste and benefits,  
·        Origin is somehow not known but believed to be in Iraq.
·        Used as staple food in Middle east and Indus valley
·        Evidences said that even 6000 BC there was some history of Dates cultivation.
·        Fossil study shows some evidence of Dates presence even 50 million years ago.
·        Egypt, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are the tree top producer of dates.
·        In Pakistani a syrup of dates used in lather industry for coating bags to prevent leakage.
Medicinal Properties & Uses
·        Regular consumption of dates keeps us fit and fine
·        Regular consumption of dates keeps the cancer away
·        Regular consumption of dates is very much beneficial for our nervous system
·   Regular consumption of dates is very nutritious that is why used by many pharmaceutical companies as body mass enhancing formulas.
·        Regular consumption of dates is good for people suffering from Anaemia.
·        It is the source of almost all know minerals and vitamins essentials for us
·      Regular consumption of dates is even good for diabetic patients as it contains natural sugar and beneficial nutritious things.
·   Regular consumption of dates is recommended for those who are physically weak.
·   Regu lar consumption of dates is beneficial in recovery periods from any chronic illness.

·        Regular consumption of dates is very much beneficial for pregnant women.
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