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10 Most Poisonous Ingredients Found In Fairness Creams & Their Side Effects.

People around the globe are crazy for getting some fairness in their complexion. Due to this craziness people compromise with the safety of their health. We randomly believes on TV commercials and used to run behind them. But how many of us use to go for the proper analysis of those products? Though they make us fairer but practically they carries some dirty untold truths. So lets explore the truth behind the fairness. Most Common  Harmful Ingredients: Will you use a toilet cleaner for getting more fairness or you will you go for a stain remover  for getting more fairer skin ? Definitely a big No !!! I think none of us can think about these things for getting fairer skin, but we are using those in form of fairness creams. Most of the companies don’t disclose their secrets or even don’t mentions the ingredients in their product packs. Lets check it out. Hydroquinone We are all quite familiar with the Bleaching powder and we know that it can do. A similar thing is used by the companies…

20 Reasons, Why We Should Gurgle Regularly ?

Regular gurgling is a very healthy practice that we never do unless we got some infection in our throat. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned with some special preferences. It should to done in the morning regularly after washing the teeth with indicated herbs or preferred formulations.  Our ENT doctors often advise us to perform the gurgle with normal saline or salt water. Salt water is considered as one of the best remedies for Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, etc. But if you start with certain herb mix medicated water than it can give you some magical results. Benefits & Indications Of Gurgle Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush outs the all food materials which remains in the gaps of teeth. Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out the post nasal drip from the oral cavity Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out the all germ causing materials from the oral cavity Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out  the bacteria that grows in the oral cavity Gurgle With Herbs mix Water flush out acid causi…

10 Deadly Ingredients In Your Toothpaste & Their Side Effects.

Toothpaste is a thing with which we start our daily activity. Twice a day brushing is considered the best policy to keep our teethes fit & fresh. In commercial TV advertisement companies always uses different techniques to attract more people towards their products. But the truth about their product is something different. Due to the professional causes your Dentist also tries to avoid a few of your queries. So get ready to know about the truth of your toothpaste. I hope the concept of brushing with your favorite toothpaste will be changed very soon. Ingredients Of Toothpastes & Their Side Effects. 1.  Fluoride It is the main ingredient in rat poisoning products but unfortunately it is in our toothpaste. Up to 20 mg per day of elemental 20 mg per day fluoride is beneficial. Beyond 20 mg per day fluoride usually effects opposite to all beneficial profits.  Beyond 20 mg per day fluoride usually weakens bones Beyond 20 mg per day fluoride usually weakens the ligamen…

10 Reasons Why We Should Not Eat Broiler Chickens ?

Broiler Chicken the most common and easily available meat in he market now days. There are many restaurants, which will shut down without them. There are thousands of people who can't live without them. We are connected hugely with these birds. They somehow entered in our kitchens with a bucket of unhealthy benefits. These unhealthy facts are mostly unknown to us. So let’s cheek out.
  Have you seen the walking patterns of broiler chicken? You might have observed that they can’t walk even one meter after two months of age properly. Ayurveda believes the activity of the animal that we are going to eat effects on the consumer's health accordingly. Means if we are going to eat an animal that is lethargic and weak then same symptoms may appear in our body. The activity of broiler chicken is known to all. It is seen that excess broiler chicken eater becomes more fatty and lethargic. Broiler chickens are fedded with large amounts of antibiotics and drugs for quick growth…

Lifestyle Disorders & Vedic Life Style.

We are the humans; the most intelligent creature on this earth are in a big danger now a day. From HIV to Ebola….Polio to Hepatitis all just waiting for us. Why we are in such trouble ?? Answer probably know to us that we are suffering from lack of immunity, lack of body defense mechanism.  The disease fighting nature of our body is just decreasing day after day, generation after generation. All you know that being the smartest of all we adopted the modern style of living very easily like stupid by compromising with the nature and  our health. Today can you remember when you last time walked on green grass in barefoot? Or can You remember when you last time spent few hours without your smartphone?  Or can you remember the day you passed without a watching the clock?  All these are the indicatives of our unhealthy lifestyle. It proves how we are going away from mother nature. Though we are modernizing ourselves but we are digging our graves by neglecting our health and nature.