Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Bakula/Bokul (Mimusops elengi)

      A very common name particularly in the Bengali community. Many people also named after this plant. It is having some wonderful health benefits.

Scientific Name;
Ø Mimusops elengi

Other Names;
         Bakul, Madhugandha, Chirapuspa, Sthirapuspa, Moulsiri, Boalsari, Bagulam, Pagadamanu, Elangi, Gokul, Basuk, Buk

Parts Used 
Ø Bark,
Ø Fruit,
Ø Flower
Interesting Facts
Ø An evergreen plant
Ø It can be approx. 50ft tall
Ø Flowers comes in the April or May
Ø Fruits can seen during the rainy season. 
Ø Flowers used for ornamental garlands
Ø It was well mentioned by Bhavapraksh Mishra in his classis “Bhavaprakash”
Ø It can seen all over India. However, naturally it grows more in Western Ghats and Andaman Nikobar islands.
Ø Many people from Bengali race are named after this plant. 
Ø Due to toughness, the wood is used for making luxurious products. 
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø It is useful in acidity
Ø It is useful in bleeding disorders.
Ø It’s flowers are very good cardio tonic
Ø It is good for uterine abnormal discharges
Ø It is good for bulky of uterus
Ø It is good for local application in case of minor bleeding
Ø It is good for the swelling of Urinary bladder
Ø It is good for the abnormal discharge of  balder and  urethra
Ø It is used as antidote
Ø It is very much beneficial in general tonic
Ø It is good for people suffering from Fever
Ø It is good for treatment of headache 
Ø It is good for the diseases of brain
Ø It is good for making of homemade mouth wash
Ø It is good for infected tooth roots
Ø It can used for cleaning teeth (As it was common practice in India to use the plant stems as tooth brush)
Ø It makes the tooth strong and gums healthy
Ø It is good for the treatment of dysentery
Ø It is good for the treatment of Diarrhoea
Ø It is good for uterine bleeding disorders
Ø It is good for Leucorrhoea
Ø It is good for dysmenorrhoea 
Ø It is good for the treatment of worms 
Ø It is good for the treatment of diabetes
Ø Used in UTI 
Ø Bakul Puspa Churna
Ø Bakuladhya tail(Oil)


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