Loha Bhasma; Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

A wonderful medicine with the touch of nature. It is having many curing properties. 
·        Triphala
·        Loha Bhasma (Purified Ashes of Iron)
  • Useful in the treatment of Diabetes 
  • Useful in the treatment of Dysentery
  • Useful in pain abdomen
  • Useful in indigestion
  • Useful in the treatment of acidity 
  • Useful in the treatment of worms
  • Useful in  the treatment of obesity 
  • Useful in the treatment of body ache
  • Useful in the treatment of liver disorder
  • Useful in the treatment of oedema
  • Useful in the treatment of  skin diseases
  • Useful in the treatment of enlarged spleen
  • Useful in the management of anaemia
  • 125- 250 mg daily with honey or
  • 125- 250 mg daily with Ghee or
  • 125- 250 mg daily with haldi juice  
         Almost a safe herbal preparation but few precaution  is better take as very less studies till now conducted on this preparations like,   
·        Avoid in any case of reaction/acidity noted after use.
          All the leading Ayurvedic drug manufacturing companies are making it. It comes in generally 10 grams (Powder/Pill) glass container.


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