Five Plants That We All Should Have At Our Homes.

      We are the most intelligent creature on earth & we are gifted with many superb healing powers. There are many such herbs which having such healing power. Here we will discuss about such five herbs, which we all should have at our home.
Ø  It plays a vital role as immune booster
Ø  It helps in promoting self defense mechanism of our Body
Ø  It acts great in balancing body sugar level
Ø  It can act as antipyretic (used for treating fevers) drug
Ø  It acts as antiviral
Ø  It have great role in management of   Infections
Ø  In convulsive disorders it acts like a dream
Ø  It helps as a rasayan and delays the normal aging process
Ø  It promotes the normal cell growth
Ø  It is rich source of anti-oxidants
Ø  Works great in treatment of skin disorders
Ø  A very good drug for auto immune diseases
Ø  People suffering from eosinophilia can great dream result with this herb
Ø  It can be given as preventive or guard for us during the seasonal changes
Ø  People suffering from recurrent infection like Respiratory Tract Infection can get a dream result. 
Ø  It is a very good tonic for the renal tissues. It helps in recovering from renal tissue damage and thus helps in restoring a healthy renal profile.
Ø  It is very good for patients suffering from diabetes (As in diabetes patients always grows a chances to develop renal function impairment)
Ø  It corrects our digestive system
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa relaxes blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa is beneficial in asthma,
Ø  Use full in burning micturition
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa is a drug of choice for many doctors in urinary tract infection.
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa is beneficial in treating obesity.
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa having very potent antimicrobial effect.
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa having  anti-inflammatory action and widely used in ayurveda for that purpose.  and antispasmodic properties
Ø  In rheumatism to reduce pain and swelling Boerhavia diffusa plays a great rule.
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa used in the treatment of  leucorrhoea,
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa shows good response in the cases of encephalitis
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa increase serum protein level and reduce urinary protein extraction and thus helps in nephrotic syndrome
Ø  UTI in pregnancy is a very complicated case and where Boerhavia diffusa  is safe drug of choice.
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa  is very effective in treating the cases of dropsy,
Ø  Punarnava works as a diuretic and can be given to the renal hypertensive patients.
Ø  Good for patients suffering from cardiac asthma
Ø  Boerhavia diffusa contains many essential amino acids so it is a very good nutritional option for common people and due to that it can be used  as a very good tonic as well in general debilities cases.
Ø  Used to treat chickenpox
Ø  Used to treat  warts
Ø  Used for treating various fungi
Ø  Used for treating various bacteria
Ø  Twigs of Neem are used in India and Africa as toothbrushes
Ø Used to make toothpastes with Neem extracts as because of anti-bacterial property
ØHaving spermicidal effect so can be use Neem extracts for making contraceptives
Ø  Neem produces pain
Ø  Neem extracts helps in treating diabetes
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating AIDS
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Immune compromised persons
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Cancer
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Skin rashes
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Heart Disease
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Herpes
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Skin Allergies
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating skin Ulcers
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating acne
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Psoriasis
Ø  Neem extracts also help in treating Intestinal Worms
Ø  Supports the immune system means it acts as a natural immune-modulator and thus Helps to fight against infections
Ø  Helps in digestion and gastrointestinal problems
Ø  Reduces the chances of degenerative diseases and premature aging
Ø  Tulsi Protect Your Body from Viruses,
Ø  Helps is smooth healthy metabolism 
Ø  Tulsi Protect Your Body from Stress 
Ø  To treat rheumatism, inflammation and allergic disorders
Ø  Tulsi extracts used for making mosquito coils and refills in natural way
Mitha Tulsi (Stevia rebaudiana)
Ø  It is plant from South America. It is a natural substitute of sugar.
Ø  It is two hundred times sweeter than sugar.
Ø  It can be used in the place of sugar.
Ø  it helps in regulating blood sugar
Ø  It helps in maintaining weight.
Ø  Calorie consumption can be limited by it.
      Therefore, after getting information about these five plants you can assume why we all should plant these five at our home. They are very much beneficial and helpful in daily life. So do not waste time and plant those just today for a better future and natural living.

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