Ayurvedic & Herbal Remedies Of Urticaria (Shitapita)

     Urticaria, a very common problem worldwide. Many people are suffering from it unknowingly. There are some typical symptoms, which are very common in many people, but not known to the common people.  However, after reading this article you will be able to diagnose such cases in seconds. In Ayurveda, there are plenty of medicines for Urticaria.
Ø  It is a kind of allergy like symptoms.
Ø  Sudden outbreak of itching with swollen skin.
Ø  It may be in form of burn or sting.
Ø  Pale reddish patches appears on little impact or itching.
Ø  There is no particular area it may occur any place.
Ø  The swollen skin and patches usually disappears or fades with time. It may take few minutes to few days.
Ø  It may be sever in few causes when systemic allergic reaction occurs.
          Histamine release from the body is the main cause. Histamine is a chemical releases after exposer of the body to certain things. They are as follows,
Ø  Sunlight
Ø  Dust
Ø  Certain sounds
Ø  Chemicals
Ø  Certain Foods (Commonly egg, fish, tomato, dry fishes, milk etc)
Ø  Certain Body sprays
Ø  Hot or Cold water contact
Ø  Hot weather exposer
Ø  Cold weather exposer
Ø  Sweating
Ø  Any kind of Pressure in skin surface
Ø  Insect stings
Ø  Certain allopathic medicines.
Ø  Suppler drugs.
Ø  Fabric cloths
Ø  Soaps
Ø  Cosmetics
Ø  Chemical treated Shampoo
      Other than these, there are some few more causes, which are related to the Urticaria
Ø  Infection
Ø  Auto immune Disorder
Ø  Hereditary
Home Remedies.
Ø  Always avoid all know causes of Urticaria that occurred earlier.
Ø  Regular intake of 20ml raw juice of Haldi twice a day can give some unimaginable relief.
Ø  Guduchi is very much useful in such cases.
Ø  Neem plays a good rule in the management of such cases, it can be used orally as well as external applicant.
Ø  Avoid all those foods that trigger such situations.
When You Need Hospitalization?
If you develop the following symptoms then you need hospitalization.
Ø  Breathing difficulty
Ø  Tightness of chest
Ø  Sever weakness
Ø  Dizziness
Ø  Feeling like fainting.
Useful Medicines
Ø  Brihat Haridra Khanda
Ø  Haridra Khanda
Ø  Khadirarista
Ø  Mahamangisthadhi Kwath
Ø  Drakshasav
Ø  Tab. Septilin
Ø  Cap. Sepno
Ø  Tab. Khadiradhi Vati
Ø  Cap. Largina
Ø  Cap Shirish
Ø  Cap. Telket
Ø  Tab. Extraimmune
Ø  Syp. Septilin
Ø  Syp. Telket
Ø  Syp. Immumod
Ø  Syp. Extraimmune
Ø  SIVA Herbal drops
Local Application
Ø  Lippu Oil
Ø  Lippu Ointment

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