Camphor Medicinal Use, Properties & Precautions.

Scientific Name
Cinnamomum camphora Nees & Ederm
Local Name
Karpur, Ghansar, Chandra, Himahrid, Kapur, Karpuram, Camphor. 
·        It is an evergreen plant.
·        It achieves almost 100 ft height.
·        The plant having typical camphor smell.
·        There are three types of Camphor based on the site of origin.
o   Barus Camphor
o   Chines Camphor
o   Indian Camphor
·        In Ayurvedic classics Camphor divided into two groups
o   Pakvwa (Which is made artificially by distillation process)
o   Apakvwa (Which grows spontaneously in the plant)
Ayurvedic View
·        Guna; Laghu, Tikshna
·        Rasa; Tikta, Katu, Madhur
·        Vipak; Katu
·        Virya; Sheeta
Medicinal Use
·        Useful in the treatment of seasonal flu.
·        Used widely for the management of Vata Vayadhi.
·        Used for the patients having trembling.
·        Useful in the management of Cough.
·        It is useful in the treatment of sore throat.
·        It is used for sexual dysfunction.
·        It is used for digestive disorders, chronic dysentery, diarrhea, flatulence.
·        It works great in the treatment of gastritis.
·        It is helpful in the treatment of acidity.
·        Used for the treatment of UTI.
·        It is useful in the treatment of skin diseases.
·        Used to reduce the excessive sexual desires.
·        It is used to reduce the excessive lactation when used as paste over breast.
·        Used for the treatment of retention of urine.
·        Useful in the treatment of kidney diseases.
·        Due to it’s scraping action it is used for the treatment of Obesity.
·        Useful as general antidote for poisons and used both locally and internally.
Used Part
·        Extract Juice or Satva
·        125 mg to 375 mg daily
·        It should not be used for a long time.
·        On long time use it shows symptoms like weakness, anemia, dizziness etc.
Over Dosages
On excess amount intake of Karpor it shows some symptoms like
·        Chest pain
·        Vomiting
·        Nausea
·        Paraplegia
·        Depression
·        Madness
·        disorientation … etc.
·        Karpur Rasa.
·        Karpurasav.
·        Arka Karpur.
·        Amrit Bindu.

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