Manibhadra Guda: Ingredients, Indications, Dosage, Contraindication, Side Effects, Presentation


  • Astanga Hridayam (Chikitsa Sthana)


  1. Vidanga Sara
  2. Amalaki
  3. Abhaya
  4. Trivrit
  5. Guda


  • It is indicated for the treatment of worm infestation.
  • It is good for the treatment of piles.
  • It is good for the treatment of various skin diseases.
  • It is good for enlarged spleen.
  • It is indicated for the treatment of chronic alternative bowel habit associated with Worms.


  • 6 grams with milk or water after light food.


  • No known contraindications.
  • Avoid in any unwanted circumstances.

Side Effects

  • No known side effects.


  • It comes in plastic or glass bottle of 100 gram paste.


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