Rajat Bhasma: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Contraindication, Presentation


  •  Rasa Tarangini


  1. Tara Patra Kana
  2. Hingula
  3. Nimbuka swaras


  • It is useful in Tuberculosis.
  • It is good in the person having weight loss.
  • It is indicated for the persons having diabetes.
  • It is good for the persons having pitta Roga.
  • It is indicated for those having problem in spleen.
  • It is good for the people having loss of memory.
  • It acts as a good uterine tonic.
  • It is indicated for the people having epilepsy.


  • 125 mg daily after food with Chitrak mool kasaya or  parpataka kasaya or  usira kasaya or honey.


  • Avoid in pregnancy and lactation


  • It comes in 1 gram of glass or Plastic jar.


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