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Immusante Tablets:Manufacturer, Ingredient, Indications, Benefits, Dosages, Contraindications, Side Effects, Presentation

Reference:Vaidyaka Shabda SindhuBhava Prakasha Manufacturer:The Himalayan drug company Segment: Immuno booster (Rasayan Therapy)  Tag Line:Broad Spectrum Immunotherapeutic Support Ingredient: It is a unique combination of herbs, globally known as IM-133N. The wonderful combination of herbs are now globally accepted and their benefits are admired all over the world. It contains;  Shanta (Prosopis glandulosa)Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) Indications:It is nothing but a whole body rejuvenation therapy.It is helpful for the prophylaxis and faster recovery from the deadly viral infections like Influenza, Herpes Zoster, Herpes Simplex, Chikungunya, Dengue, Viral Gastroenteritis, Immuno-Modulations in HIV etc.It is indicated for the faster recovery and boosting of health from opportunistic infections like: Recurrent UTI, Oral Candidiasis, Diabetic foot Ulcer, Recurrent Fungal Infections.It helps in prevention from opportunistic infection in case of cancer patients like a port infection.It is in…

Sneha Kalpa (Fatty Preparations): Basics & Uses

Ghrita, Taila, Vacha &  Majja are the four types of fatty materials described in the classical Ayurvedic texts. Among all Ghrita considered as the best of all fats. These fats are used for the production of many Herbal Drugs.
Definition: Sneha Kalpa is a simple procedure where medicated Herbs are cooked with the fatty substances and by this, the fatty substances gain the quality of the used Herbs (known as gunadhan). Such procedures are widely used in Ayurveda.
Procedures for Sneha Kalpa: Required Compositions: If there is no indication then fat should be four times in comparison to medicated Herbs. Then water is required for the process and that should be four times in comparison to the used fats.
Cooking Process:Herbs:Fat:Water=1:4:16 should be the ratio and then put them in a big pan and start cooking over medium heat. Here few things needed to know about the proper cooking.During the process, the sound of water should be diminished at the end of cooking. The fat will look s…

Collection Procedures of Raw Materials for Herbal Drugs

A collection of the herbal components is a big challenge for drug manufacturing companies. There are several ways of collecting raw materials but having strict principles. If we go through the classics regarding the collection of raw materials, many things are not possible my modern age so I am just ignoring those parts.
Guide Lines For Collecting Raw Herbal Materials: Seasons for collecting raw materials
Stems : Varsa and Basant Ritu (Plants should be in its maturity stage) Leaves: Varsa &  Basant Ritu (Plants should be mature and the middle time in between blooming and maturity of fruits) Roots: Grishma &  Sishir Ritu (When leaves started falling or new leaves stared growing) Bark: Bark should be collected in the Sarad Ritu. Latex: Latex should be collected in the Sarad Ritu. Flowers: During the time of blooming. Fruits : During seasons of fruiting. Sar: It should be collected on Hemanta Ritu. Kanda: It should be collected on the Sarad Ritu. Other Guidelines For Collection O…

Facial Bleaching Creams: Side Effects, Herbal Alternatives

Bleaching g is one of the most important thing in modern fashion trends. Dream for fairer skin is always a dream for almost every one. But the way of getting it is not wise anymore. Companies are making more and more facial items with many harmful Ingredients. Bleaching items are on of them. They can give you instant Fairness but they lefts behind bundle of demerits.  Let's discuss about those. Side Effects of bleaching:Bleaching Creams contains sodium hypochlorite, which generally breaks the skin. After Exposer to sun light those areas become pigmented and may cause severe irritation. Sure to Bleaching your skin may get some permanent white sports. This spot may cause further cosmetic problem rather than the earlier one.Use of such chemical may cause serious skin irritation and allergic reaction. Few people often complains about the dryness of skin. Occasionally few people suffers from blisters. Some unlucky people develops serious hypersensitivity reactions and develops breathi…

Karela-Jamun-Gurmar Juice: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Contraindications

Manufacturer: Kashmir Herbal Remedies  Ingredients: Juice of
KarelaJamun Gurmar  Indications:It is highly recommended for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. It helps in controlling the blood glucose level. It is indicated for the treatment of high cholesterol level maintenance. It is good for the treatment of Constipation. It is indicated for the treatment of allergic diseases and skin diseases.It helps in getting stamina by in enhanceing metabolism.  Dosages:20-30 ml twice with half glass water just after food. Contraindications: It having no know Contraindications.  Side Effects:No known side effects.  Presentation:It comes in plastic bottle of 500/1000 ml liquid.