Medimix Soap: Ingredients, Indications, Dosage, Contraindication, Presentation


  • Cholayil Private Limited. 


  • Medicated Bathing Soap 


  1. Vacha 
  2. Usheera 
  3. Guggulu 
  4. Daruharidra 
  5. Devadaru
  6. Jyothismathi 
  7. Dhanyaka 
  8. Jeeraka
  9. Vidanga 
  10. Yasthimdhu
  11. Sariba 
  12. Kutaja 
  13. Nimba 
  14. Krishna Jeeraka
  15. Chitraka 
  16. Bakuchi 
  17. Chopchini 
  18. Vanardraka 


  1. General bathing solution.
  2. Skin allergies 
  3. Acne Valgaris treatment 
  4. Dry and itchy skin. 


  1. Avoid in case of fresh tears in the skin. 
  2. Avoid in the cases of no healing wounds. 
  3. Avoid in infected (pus forming) wounds. 

Safety Alert

  • Though it contains many magical herbs but due less fat content or in term of TFM it having a very poor rating. 

Side Effects:

  • No known side effects. 
  • May cause irritation in the patients having soap water allergies. 


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