Capsule Arjun Forte: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages, Contraindications, Side Effects.


  • Santhigiri


  1. Withania somnifera
  2. Mesua ferrea
  3. Hydrocotyle asiatica
  4. Allium sativum
  5. Terminalia arjuna
  6. Myristica fragrans
  7. Calx of pearl
  8. Calx of Mica
  9. Calx of Copper


  1. Indicated for the treatment of insomnia.
  2. It is also indicated for the treatment of the hypertension.
  3. It is also useful in the treatment of hypertension associated with one stress.


  • 1 capsule twice daily after food.


  • No known contraindications.

Side Effects:

  • No Known side effects.


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