Pet Safa Natural Laxative Granules: Indications, Ingredients, Dosages, Contraindications.


  1. Bhava Prakasha
  2. API
  3. Charaka Samhita

Formulation By:

  • Dr. Juneja


  1. Tirupati Mmedicare Ltd.
  2. Marked By Divisa (SBS Biotech Unit-ll)


  • Effective Relief from constipation


  1. Senna
  2. Black Salt
  3. Ajwain
  4. Ispaghul
  5. Triphala
  6. Rock Salt
  7. Svarjiksara
  8. Haritaki
  9. Amaltash
  10. Saunf
  11. Sonth
  12. Nisot
  13. Jeera
  14. Castor Oil


  1. Sodium Methylparaben,
  2. Sodium Propylparaben


  1. It is useful in constipation
  2. It is good for patients having piles or fistula.
  3. It is good for the people having irregular bowel habit
  4. It Is good for the people having low digestion power,
  5. It is useful as a digestive.
  6. It relives abdominal bloating and gases.
  7. It is useful in flatulence.


  • 5-10 grams with 200 ml warm water at bed time


  1. Due to presence of salts it should not be consumed by a patient having uncontrolled hypertension.
  2. Pregnant mother should not use it. 


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