Obesity: Ayurvedic Tips For Loosing Weight Rapidly With Out Side Effects.

Obesity is a common problem which is prevailing all over the world. It is most common in urban society. Practically it a lifestyle disorder. Less exercise, more fast food, more sitting jobs, less expose to nature are the common triggering factors for obesity. First of all we have known what is the basic to categorize someone as obese. It is BMI calculator through which you can judge you whether you are obese or not.


       Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

English BMI Formula

  • BMI = ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches x Height in inches ) ) x 703

Metric BMI Formula

  • BMI = ( Weight in Kilograms / ( Height in Meters x Height in Meters)

Simply the table shows your rank in the long for healthy life.

BMI Less Than 18.50
BMI From 18.50-24.99
Healthy Weight
BMI From 25.00-29.99
BMI From 30 or more


  1. Hypothyroidism
  2. Cushing Syndrome
  3. Lack of exercise
  4. Sitting Job
  5. Over eating
  6. Heridetory
  7. Psychiatric Disorders
  8. Regular Intake of  Alcohol
  9. Intake of more sweet foods
  10. intake of more cold drinks 
  11. intake of excess fatty food 
  12. Intake of excess oily foods
  13. Habitual to luxurious life style
  14. Hormonal imbalance
  15. Over sleeping
  16. Working or leaving in AC Condition
  17. Use of more contraceptives, 
  18. Dependency on steroid 
  19. Prolong use of hormonal therapy, 
  20. Dependency on  antidepressant drugs, 
  21. Obese women tend to marry obese men and the trends follows in the family too.


  1. Lack of energy
  2. Dyspnoea due to exertions
  3. Trends to sleep
  4. Difficulty in walking or runing
  5. Joint Pains
  6. Pain in muscles
  7. Excess incrised abdomen, Chest, Buttocks
  8. Breathing difficulty
  9. Feeling isolated in society for being over sized.
  10. Lowering of sexual drive or libido
  11. Back Pain
  12. Inability to cope with sudden physical activity
  13. Snoring
  14. Difficulty and alter in sleeping posture.
  15. Low confidence levels for poor activity
  16. Feeling isolated in society for being over sized.


  1. Coronary Heart Disease
  2. Stroke
  3. Diabetes
  4. Atherosclerosis
  5. certain types of cancer
  6. Less well-known complications include hepatic steatosis
  7. Gallstone 
  8. Pulmonary function impairment
  9. Endocrine abnormalities
  10. Obstetric complications
  11. Trauma to the weight-bearing joints
  12. Cutaneous disease
  13. Proteinuria
  14. History of fall leads to Fatal results
  15. Gout
  16. High hemoglobin concentration
  17. Immunologic impairment
  18. Planter xerosis 
  19. Risk in Riding and Driving
  20. Osteoarthritis
  21. Colon related 
  22. Asthma
  23. Hernia
  24. Erectile Disorder
  25. Digestive Disorders


  1. Blood Routine Examination
  2. Blood Sugar Estimation
  3. Lipid Profile
  4. ECG



  1.     2 tsf honey with 1 tsf lemon juice with Luke warm water in the morning
  2.    Green Salad as a part of meal
  3.    Fiber rich diet
  4.    Oat meal in the palace of any prior meal
  5.    Corn flex with milk in the morning in place of breakfast
  6.    More green vegetables and fruits
  7.    Frequent meal in small amount
  8.    Large and huge diet should be avoided
  9.    More Water (preferably Luke warm, as it having scraping action)
  10.    Avoid alcohols
  11.    Strictly maintain the control over oily, spicy, fatty food.
  12.    Cream Cake, Burger, Hot Dog, Noodles, Chicken Fry or Lollypop etc should be avoided
  13.     Fruits like Apple, Cucumber, Papayas,  Beat,


  1.       Day sleeps should be avoided
  2.     Walking in the morning for 3 Km daily with a speed that can produce sweat
  3.     Cycling in the morning for  5-6 Kms with 30 Km/hr speed (GPS of  smart phone can be used for that purpose).
  4.     Physical activity like doing some abdominal crunch at gym
  5.     Avoid Siting for a long time 
  6.     Hot weather is good for health so if possible avoid AC      
  7.     Avoid two wheeler (motor) or car for short distance by going walking or Cycling.


  1. Medohara Guggulu
  2. Medohara Bidangadhi Louha
  3. Kanchanar Guggulu
  4. Nawak Guggulu
  5. Aroghyabardhini Vati
  6. Nvayas Louha
  7. Cap. OBISS 30
  8. Tab. Hyponiid
  9. Cap. Suddha Guggulu
  10. Cap. Brikshaamla
  11. Cap. Trikutu
  12. Cap Obesyl
  13. Triphala Churna
  14. Cap. Ayur Slim
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