Pimple (Acne Vulgaris) : Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Life Style Modifications, Home Remedies, Local Applications

Pimples, are a very common thing among during the teenage. Teenagers pass a lot of time by watching their faces on mirrors after effecting hitting by it. It is a very painful time for many teenagers as they are more concern about their beauty and style.
But fortunately there are numbers of home remedies and safety measures that can give us some good results from pimples. However, maximum times, they reduce after a certain age, but in many cases, medical attention requires.

What is Acne or Pimples ? 

Acne is a common skin disorder, which used to affect 80% to 90 % of the teenagers, and it persists throughout the adulthood. It commonly seen in the face but can effect in the neck, chest, back and other parts of the body.  Acne or Pimples typically occurs at puberty because of increased sebum production triggered by increased androgen, like testosterone levels. It used to diminish according to the next phase of life, but often none can say when it will disappear, or scars will banish.
 According to Ayurveda Acne known as Yuvan Pidika or Taraunya Pidika, which occurs due to Rakta dusti (Blood impurities) associated with vitiated Vata# and Kapha#. 

Symptoms of Acne or Pimples:

  • Increased Oil based Sebum secretion or seborrhoea. (means the feeling of oiliness in the face.)
  • Large Papules, whiteheads, which can be visible in necked eye. After pressing the pimples some white rice like thing used to come out which is known as whiteheads.
  • Pustules, cyst, abscesses are very common in teenagers and such cases medical attention needed.
  • Comedo, a clogged hair follicle, or better known as blackheads is seen very commonly in many teenagers. It looks like some blackish pot on the face and mostly seen in the nose.
  • Sometimes Scaring combines with secondary infections like pus formation,   redness, pain, and ulceration of the area.
  • Pigmentation.
  • Occasionally combines with Seborrheic dermatitis or Dandruff.
  • Many Of those pimples are often very painful. 
  • Many of the pimples also bleed profusely, and that is why they start to manipulate them.

Never Forget:

  • It is not a matter of shame. it is a common thing and it is seen in maximum numbers of teenagers.
  • Some teenagers (commonly in girls) suffer from depression due to that. So be smart enough to visit your physician in time.
  • Teenagers spend a lot of time in front of the mirror that effects in their studies.
  • Most of the teenagers used to run behind the commercial adds to get rid of these pimples and often-such products makes those pimples worse. So don't apply anything without asking your doctor.   

Common Causes Of Pimples:

  • Increased sebum production triggered by increased androgen, like testosterone level.
  • High glycaemic food intake means the junk or fast foods.
  • More fried items and oily products.
  • Presence of with parasitic mite Demodex.
  • Bacterial infection.
  • Genetic causes that are very common (such thing in the family as a tradition.)
  • Certain drugs (such as steroids, testosterone, oestrogen, and phenytoin) may cause the formation of acne in any stage of life.
  • Excess humidity and sweating is a very important cause of acne formation.
  • Hormonal changes related to menstrual periods.
  • Hormonal changes in pregnancy.
  • Hormonal changes are due to certain starting of birth control pills oral contraceptive pills.
  • Wrong use of cosmetic and hair products.
  • We often access wrongly about our skin condition and in such condition, use of wrong selective cosmetic may cause acne.
  • Excess intake of huge milk often associated with severity of acne.
  • Stress sometimes triggers the severity of acne.
  • People who having digestion problem often suffers from acne.
  • People having liver function problem suffers from acne.

10 Most Effective Home Remedies for Pimples or Acne:

  • Garlic paste on the affected areas of acne is very much effective it should be used twice a day after washing with medicated soap like Psoralin Bar or Herbal Face Packs or Cleansers.
  • Yogurt mixes with Garlic is also helpful in cases of acne and that should be apply twice a day after proper cleaning of face with soap or face wash.
  • Neem Leaves along with turmeric juice on the effected areas acts as antibacterial and antiseptic, it reduces the pain and swelling. It should be applied twice a day and bedtime.
  • Locally paste of Majuphal (Jaiphal) or Nutmeg seed with rose water shows very promising results. It should be applied throughout the affected areas and twice to thrice a day.
  • Haldi (turmeric), Rakta Chandan (Red Sandalwood) paste with rose water and milk locally apply over affected areas of acne is very effective home remedy. It should be applied thrice a day after washing the face with soap and luke warm water.
  • Lodhra (symplocos racemosa), Cumin, Vacha (Acorus calamus) considered as best locally application over affected areas of acne. It shows great results. It should be applied twice a day after proper cleaning of the face.
  • Triphala paste with water can be applied in the affected areas. Triphala powder is locally available in all most pharmacy. By mixing 1 teaspoon powder in Q.S water you can use.
  • Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) leaves paste locally over affected areas of acne along with Haldi (turmeric) juice shows very good results. It can be use three to four times a day.
  • Milky Juice of Unripe Papaya over affected areas of acne is consider as very effective. Some people may be allergic to that so it is better to do a skin test by applying it on hand or other places rather than using it first on face.
  • Paste of  Palash (Flame of the Forest/ Butea monosperma) leaves over the affected areas with rosewater works magically. It should be used thrice a day after proper washing of the face with soap and luke warm water.

Life Style Modification For Acne or Pimple:

  • It is recommended that you should drink plenty amount of fluid though out the day after a regular interval. Habit of drinking plenty amount at a time is not a very good habit. It should be in a cyclic manner and continuous. Most of us drink less in night, which is not recommended in any means. Drinking water is nothing but a washing mechanism by which we can eliminate the waste from the body. It also is having many health benefits.
  • Rich and oily diets are not recommended you having acne. Such food is always harmful. They may cause various side effects after certain age. It is always better to avoid such junk and rich foods.
  • Fibber rich food should be our aim if we suffer from acne. Fibber rich food is good for guts and acts a bulk stool forming agents. Such food reduces the chances of Constipation, Piles, and Gastric discomforts.
  • Green vegetables are very much effective in acne. However, you should remember if you are allergic to certain vegetable than that should be avoided.
  • Vitamin C rich seasonal fruits are very much effective. Vitamin C reduces the swelling and pain of the affected areas. It also reduces the chances of acne formation. More over such fruits contains plenty of antioxidants, which is good for skin and it reduced the aging process.
  • You should not press the affected areas with nails. It a bad habit seen almost all teenagers and even in elderly persons. By doing this you just increase the chance of more secondary infections. So simply leave them alone and apply the medications on them. It is better to keep the mirror a side.
  • The affected areas need to be clean regularly. Any soap can be used for that purpose. Nevertheless, medicated (Herbal) is recommended for better results. One more thing to remember that use of topical antibacterial soap is harmful. However, it reduces the acne but it decreases the skin immunity barrier. In compare to antibacterial soaps herbal treated soaps are more skin friendly.
  • We are living in an advertisement world. Every new day some products are coming in the market. Most of the ads touch our mind by either fear or by excitement. I want to say that some of those ads will tell if you use it, your skin will be bright and shiny. Few more ads will tell you, what is going to happen if you do not use those products. So simply they are targeting on our fear or making us greedier by showing glittering ads. Here I am simply trying to say that just stop using random cosmetics after watching TV ads. You should choose one after consulting with an expert or according to your skin type. By doing such, you can reduce the chances of acne formation.
  • Avoid chemically treated shampoos. Most of the shampoos contain cleaning agents. Those compositions are quite similar with your floor cleaner. All those are erosive and harmful to your skin. Many of those may cause cancer. Such shampoos are harmful and may cause acne. These are also a triggering factor for hair fall. In spite of these, you can try herbal shampoos and homemade formulations. Read “Home Remedies For Hair Fall
  • Avoid fairness creams and moisturizers. These fairness creams are nothing but stain remover agents. We use such agents for floor or basin washing even in toilets. So imaging that we are doing with our face in the name of fairness? So simply avoid those fairness creams. All these are carcinogenic. It can trigger the acne formation. Read “Harmful agents of fairness creams
  • Dandruff is also a triggering factor, so use of Herbal Anti dandruff shampoo or Oil ( such as Sesa Anti Dandruff  or Lumina Herbal Shampoo or Dano Hair Oil or 777 oil). By reducing dandruff formation we can control the acnes. There are plenty of herbal treated shampoos in the market or you can do it by home remedies. Read “Herbal Remedies for Dandruff
  • Patients (mostly having diabetes) must be carefully regarding secondary infection where some antibiotic may be needed to control the severe attacks.
  • Cleanliness and use of hygienic handkerchiefs is must for everyone. As it causes by bacteria so personal hygiene matters more.
  • Stress sometimes triggers the severity. Yoga can help maintain mental stability and alertness

Herbal Medicines:

  • Rakta Mokshan (A special procedure in Ayurveda) is indicated along with Virechana & Vamana according to dosa (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) involvement. It should be done under proper guidance of Ayurvedic Physicians. For such therapy you need to hospitalized.
  • In Ayurveda there are some oral and local applications indicated for acne management.

Oral Drugs Of Pimples

  • Kaishore Guggulu (Classical Preparations) 2 tab twice daily after food. 
  • Giloy Satva  (Classical Preparations)500 mg to 1gm tsf  twice daily before food with honey.
  • Prawal Pisti  (Classical Preparations) 125mg twice daily.
  • Aragyo Vardhini Ras  (Classical Preparations) 2 tab twice daily with luke warm water before food.
  • Cap. Purim (Himalaya Drugs) 1/2 tCap twice daily before food. 
  • Cap. G7 (Dr. JRk Siddha) 1 Cap twice daily.
  • Cap. Talket (Himalaya Drugs). 1/2  Cap twice daily. 
  • Cap Acnovin (Vasu) 1/2 Cap twice daily. 
  • Cap. Neem Gaurd (Goodcare) 1/2 Cap twice daily in empty stomach. 
  • Cap AD21 1 Cap twice daily in empty stomach. 
  • Cap Neem (Himalaya) 1/2 Cap twice daily in empty stomach. 
  • Tab. Liv 52 DS (Himalaya) 1 tab twice daily before food. 
  • Syp. Amlycure DS (Aimil) 2tsf tab twice daily before food. 
  • Syp. Livomyn (Charak) 2 tsf twice daily before food.
  • Tab./Syp Dermacid (Kashmir Ayurveda) 2tab/2tsf twice daily after food.

Local Applications for Pimples:

  • Oint. Clarina (Himalaya) Local Application   
  • Psoralin Bar (Dr. JRk Siddha) Use for bathing and washing face regularly.
  • Aactaril Soap (Himalaya Drug Company) Use thrice daily and wash with luke warm water. 
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