Worms Infestation (Helminthiasis/Krimi Roga): Worms, Causes, Symptoms, Investigations, Home Remedies, Medicines, Treatment

Intestinal Worms are remain untouched inside our guts, though it sounds dirty, but that is the true of Helminthiasis. It is also interesting that what we eat we share with them indirectly. This is a very common disease prevailing all over the world. However, it is most common in the poor and rural dwellers. There are few allopathic medicines in the market which are commonly used to cure Helminthiasis Like Albendazole, Mebendazole etc.
However, if we want to cure the Helminths without any adverse effects (also known as Krimi) then we have plenty of natural resources, herbal preparations. Such preparations are in practice by the Indians from last thousands of years, which are well documented in the Ayurvedic Classical Books. As the modern medicines having some contraindications, side effects, so herbal remedies can be a better alternative. Palash, Vidanga, Lemon, Beal, Ajwain, Chirayata, Bhuneemba, Neem are the most frequently used Herbs.


The most common worms that makes their home in our Guts are Tape Worm, Thread Worm, Hook Worm, They cause various abdominal diseases, anaemia, skin disorders, and respiratory diseases. The most serious worm infections are prevalent in poor tropical and subtropical areas.

Common Causes:

  • The helminths are transmitted to the host (final) in several ways and they are such as Contaminated Fruits, Vegetables that we without proper washing.
  • Contaminated Water that we take without filtering or purifying.
  • Unhygienic Condition of own rooms, School, Society, Playground, Community Gathering places, Markets, Public Toilets etc.
  • Poor Sanitation (Commonly seen in Tropical & Subtropical poor community) where people used to pass stool under sky or in very dirty places.
  • Poor disposal of contaminated stool and waste products very common in developing countries.
  • Huge gathering with common poor sanitation facilities.
  • Common or Public Sanitation without proper cleaning methods.

Clinical Features:

  • Anemia (Paleness of body, where hemoglobin percentage decreases due to sucking of blood from our guts by Parasites).
  • Hepatomegaly (Increased size of Liver often represents with huge abdomen) as due to lack of Hemoglobin liver incises it's size to fulfill the desired demand as it is one of the blood cell making factory.
  • Irregular bowl syndrome (IBS) a very common problem and it usually subsides after few days of treatment for parasites.
  • Excessive salivation (Commonly complains of wetting the pillows while sleeping at night). Occasional watery stool.
  • Alternate stool (Sometimes watery sometimes constipated).
  • Visible worms while passing stool ( Many people are experienced with this).
  • Weight loss in a gradual basis (As we have to share our nutrition with worms).
  • Itching in the anus.
  • Palpitation while walking or doing households works).
  • Abdominal discomfort (Such an Indigestion, Foul smelling, fullness of abdomen etc.).
  • Cough with fever, etc.
  • Skin itching and rashes.
  • Repeated hunger (occasionally in children).
  • Mouth Ulcer or Angular Stomatitis seen commonly in patients effected with worms.

(Personally, I got many patients complaining about passing of the worms through the anus, while defecation or coming out of worms with vomiting through the oral cavity of a size equivalent to their index fingers.) 


  • Stool examination (eggs and ova of helmets can be clearly seen).
  • Blood Routine Examination (With High ESR and Eosinophils and low hemoglobin percentage).
  • Barium meal Plain X-ray of Abdomen (to rule out any obstruction or any round ball formation by worms).

Home Remedies:

  • Kalmegha or Bhui-neem or King of bitters, Creat (Andrographis paniculata) is useful in treating all types of worms.
  • Vidanga, (Embelia ribes ) or commonly known as False Black Pepper is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for supporting the body's natural defenses in the GI tract, as a powder or decoction, while gaggery in small amount should be taken before it.
  • Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi) or carom seeds, thymol seeds, or ajowan or Ajwain Powder.
  • Chirata (Andrographis) powder or decoction.
  • Betel nut paste with lemon juice in the morning.
  • Onion juice can be given with Jeera (Cumin) powder plays a good rule in childrens.
  • Honey with juice unripe papaya juice in the morning, followed by Castor Oil intake with hot water.
  • Tulsi (Occimum Scantam), Jeera (Cumin) plays good role with luke warm water.
  • Palash or Dhak or Palah or Flame of the Forest or Bastard Teak ( Butea Monosperma) seeds also plays a good role in treating round worms while administered with better milk.
  • Bark or fruit peel of pomegranate useful for round and tapeworm.
  • Drum stick or Sajina seeds in the morning with luke warm water is useful for all types of worms.


  • Vidangarista : 4 tsf twice with half glass water just after food ( Contraindicated in Diabetes & Childrens Bellow 10 Years ).
  • Vidangasav : 4 tsf twice with half glass water just after food (Contraindicated in Diabetes & Childrens Bellow 10 Years)
  • Jeerakadhyarista : 4 tsf twice with half glass water just after food (Contraindicated in Diabetes & Childrens Bellow 10 Years).
  • Bhaskar Laban Churna : Haft Tsf twice daily With Meal. 
  • Vidangadhi Louha : 2 tab Twice Dail.
  • Krimikuthar Rasa : 1 tab Twice Daily.
  • Krimimudgar Rasa : 1 tab Twice Daily.
  • Krimikuthar Rasa :1 tab Twice Daily.
  • Krimikanal Rasa :1 tab Twice Daily

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