Plantar Xerosis or Fissure feet: Ayurvedic Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Home remedies, Life Style Change, Local Applications, Oral Medicines

Painful fissures in the foot are a quite common problem worldwide. Most of the cases it is a seasonal occurrence and heals with time but in few cases it becomes a permanent one. Mother nature have plenty of home remedies to prevent and cure it. However, in some complicated cases such as diabetic foot ulcer or fissure with secondary infection needs immediate medical assistance.

Causes of Plantar Xerosis or Fissure feet:

  • According to the age our skin trends to be dry and represents in for of fissure.
  • Expose in hot water for a long time.
  • Using of ill-fitting footwear more causes the expose to dust.
  • Expose to cold and dry weather is the most common cause.
  • Patients suffering from diabetes develops non healing Fissures. 
  • Patients suffering from hypothyroidism.
  • Skin Diseases like Psoriasis are more likely to develop fissure foot.
  • Patients having eczema are common victims for fissure foot.
  • Those people who walks more for a long distance without covering the feet properly are most likely to develop such fissures. 
  • Those who having standing jobs.
  • Those who used to work always in water.
  • Those who very often clean the feet properly suffer more. 
  • After reaction with any chemical or beauty products applied in feet.
  • Unhygienic maintenance of feet and used to remain in bare foot 
  • People working in fields, brick fields are common sufferer.
  • Cracked heel is the result of neglect and lack of moisturizing of the heels

Symptoms of Plantar Xerosis or Fissure feet:

  • Cracks in the heels
  • Dryness of the feet
  • Flaky skin
  • Cracks in the sides of the feet
  • Cracks in the ball if the feet
  • Itching and used to stick in cloths and woollen garments. 
  • Secondary infection causes pain, swelling and pus formation
  • Bleeding from cracks
  • Pain in walking. 
  • Non-healing Ulcer seen in progressive cases in Diabetic patients.

Home remedies for Plantar Xerosis or Fissure feet:

  • Beeswax application locally which having moisturizing property and helps healing.
  • Honey having smoothing action, which can be applied locally.
  • Tulsi (Ocimum Basilicum) mix with honey and apply locally. 
  • Mentha oil or Mint Oil mix with honey reduces the pain associated with fissure feet.
  • Tea tree oil mix with Honey having antibacterial activity and also gives smooth healing.
  • Citrus lemon with honey effective in pain management related with fissure feet.
  • Ghee (after washing in water so called Shatadhuta Ghirita or Shashradhouta Ghrita) is very much useful.
  • Any Vegetable oil having the property to heal those creaks. 
  • Make paste with ripen banana and apply over feet and leave for few minutes & then wash with luke warm water.
  • Olive oil is very good as a moisturizer and helps in healing.
  • Neem Oil with Olive Oil with Haldi (turmeric juice or powder).
  • Glycerin mix with Tulsi powder ( Ocimum Basilicum), Neem Oil and apply locally

Life Style Change for Plantar Xerosis or Fissure feet:

  • Wash your feet with luke warm water mix with bathing soap or shampoo.
  • Rub your feet with pumice stone or sole scrapper regularly, which will help in scraping of the dead cells.
  • Moisturizer should be applied regularly.
  • Avoid sandals and shift to shoes.
  • Diabetes patients have to take proper care of their feet, in case of diabetic foot ulcer the management of diabetes is must along with foot care under proper medical supervision.
  • Plenty amount of fluid orally.
  • During night ours in winder use shocks after application of any cream or oil.
  • Use sandals or slippers at home in winter.

Treatment Of Plantar Xerosis or Fissure feet:

Oral Medicines:
  • Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu (Classical and comes as small pills) 2/3 pills twice daily.
  • Cap AD 21 1/2 Capsules twice daily or 2 capsules daily in the morning in empty stomach.
  • Cap. Telket (Himalaya) 2 tablet twice daily.
  • Tablet. Neem (Himalaya) 2 tablet Twice daily.
  • Cap Neemgaurd (Good care) 2 capsules daily in the morning in empty stomach.
  • Cap g7 ((Dr. Jrk siddha) 2 capsules twice daily after food.
  • Cap. Largina (Multani) 2 capsules twice daily after food.
  • Saribadhyasav liq (Classical) 4 tsf twice with half glass water.
Local Applications: 
  • Shanti Malahara (Classical Medicine)
  • Chiropex Cream (Himalaya)
  • Aelovera Gel
  • Cutfar Ointment (Ban)
  • Ghavlin  Ointment (Ajmera)
  • Heelkream (Bajaj)
  • Ripanto (J&J)
  • Velwak Topical (Atrimed)
  • Borototal (Baidhyanath)
  • Der 9 gel (ADFAC Labs)
  • Epderm Cream (Carpo)
  • Boroline Anti Septic Cream
  • Boroplus Anti Septic Cream


          Along with Fissure foot if patient having any other skin disorder than that should treat together. Patients with Diabetes should take proper care. Before starting self-medication, consult with your doctor.
 Start medication after proper consultation with an Ayurvedic Physician. Self-medication is harmful.

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