Herbal And Ayurvedic Treatment For Headache (Shira Shool)

Perhaps the most common clinical complain prevailing all around the world. We use the word so commonly that Headache is really a Headache for even the doctors to rule out. Many times, it remains undiagnosed throughout the lifetime. Headache is a simple symptom that represents numerous diseases and on that point, it becomes more difficult to differentiate. In Ayurveda Headache discussed as Shira Shool. There are so many diseases and conditions where headache is a major symptom and among them few are described here.
Ø  Depression, a major cause where patient complains about headache.
Ø  Toothache sometimes creates headache as a referred pain. 
Ø  Neuralgia.
Ø  Toxicity due any drug or infection.
Ø  Dehydration due to sever fluid loss.
Ø  Glaucoma where referred pain represents as Headache.
Ø  Sinusitis is one of the most common causes.
Ø  Nasal Polyp causing nasal congestion and pressure in the sinuses.
Ø  Viral fever always associated with headache and body ache.
Ø  Increase in intracranial pressure due to trauma or vascular causes.
Ø  Metabolic disorders.
Ø  After heavy exercise or exposed to sunlight may also represent as Headache.
Ø  Refractive Error often represents as Headache.
Ø  Indigestion and after taking excess rich diet
Ø  Headache is common for the person who somehow misses their daily doses in time and such people are associated with few regular drug addiction.
Ø  Psychogenic peoples.
Ø  Loss of sleep or Disturb sleep.
Ø  Less amount of fluid intake.
Ø  Frequent exposer to alternate atmosphere like A/C and Non A/C climate.
Ø  It is also common in the children's more where there is no pain or any underlying pathologies and in such cases children used to avoid study or any other work by making a fake symptom of headache. 
Ø  Too much noise is one of the major causes for city dwellers.
Ø  The peoples having constipation often complains about headache.
Interesting facts
Ø  Go to the dentist, not the doctor, could solve your headache issues.
Ø  A headache could be your body’s natural red signal for other diseases
Ø  Woman suffers more that man
Ø  In child often the complain of headache may be fake
Ø  Headaches may be genetic.
Diagnostic Tools
Ø  CT scan of Brain
Ø  X ray Skull (required in trauma)
Ø  X ray PNS (To evaluate stratus of paranasal sinuses)
Ø  Blood Routine Examination, Urine Routine Examination
Ø  Blood for Serum Bilirubin Fraction
Ø  Serum Urea, Creatinine
Ø  Thyroid Profile
Ø  People on hunger strike or doing fasting where the brain suffers for hypoglycaemia. 
Home Remedies
Ø     Paste of Sandalwood over the forehead it having a cooling effects
Ø     Paste of Coriander seeds all over the forehead
Ø Pinda Sweda or hot fomentation after  taking the leafs of Vitex nirgundi
Ø  Glass of water with glucose followed by proper rest (glucose not indicated to the people suffering from diabetes)
Ø  Have a cup of strong Coffee. Caffeine reduces blood-vessel swelling, and thus can help relieve a headache
Ø    Paste of ginger is very effective in headache and also in migraine.
Ø    Gently massage a bit of lavender oil onto your forehead and temples.
Ø Gently massage a bit of peppermint oil onto your forehead and temples.
Ø  Green Tea is seems to be very good in headache.
Ø  Listening cool music is very much useful.
Ø Alternate Hot and Cold fomentation is useful (Not indicated in Sinusitis)
We are very fortunate that our ancient Acharyas described so many preparations for use and which are using by Indians from thousands of years. The modern painkillers though reduce the pain immediately but those having more harmful side effects. It has been observe that by using local applications and by taking rest most of cases gets relief.  That is why local application is highly recommendable. Nevertheless, the cases associated with other problems should treat along with main disease.
Ø  Shira Shooladhi Vajara
Ø  Naradiya Laxmivilash Ras
Ø  Maha Laxmivilash Ras
Ø  Goudanti Bhasma
Ø  Vayuchintamani
Ø  Aswagandharista
Ø  Sarsatarista
Ø  Kumariasav
Ø  Cap. Stresscom
Ø  Cap. Stressgaurd
Ø  Tab. Trishun
Ø  Tab. Alopagesic
Ø  Tab. Cephagrain
Ø  Sada bindhu tail (Nasal Drop)
Ø  Anu Tail (Nasal Drop)
Ø  Cephagrain Nasal Drop
Ø  Nadhyam Narayan Tail (on scalp)
Ø  Himsagar Oil (on scalp)
Ø  Hemagarbha Oil (on scalp)
Ø  Navaratna Oil (on scalp)
Ø  Sensur Oil (over forehead)
Ø  Amritanjan Roll on (over forehead)
Ø  Amritanjan Balm & Roll on
Ø  Mentho Plus Balm (over forehead)
        As I told earlier that headache is only a symptom whereas the diagnosis of the under lying disease is compulsory if it happens regularly or periodically. The young teens often suffer from refractive error, a disease where the eyes cannot see the objects properly which also causes headache. Here a simple lens can solve the problem. Again in glaucoma, if someone ignores the alarming headache then that may causes loss of the effected eye. Here a quick action needed. Therefore, it can be said though headache is simple and very common but if underlying causes remains untreated that can be fatal. One more thing in spite of taking oral drugs the local application is more useful. 

 Start Oral medications after proper consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor.

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