Dandruff; Disease Conception, Causes, Dangers, Self Diagnosis, Home Remedies and Local Applications

Are you searching for some magical remedies for dandruffs without any side effects?  Then you are in a right place. Here I will discuss all about dandruff and it’s remedies. 

What is Dandruff? 

Shedding of dead cells from our scalp is a normal thing but then the shedding process grows a rapid speed and falls in form of white flakes and our scalp shows a dryness then that time we call it dandruff. They are nothing but our dead skins. It is not contagious and not a disease.  However, it looks like harmless but the story behind this may be different. It hampers more in the mental peace than our body.

What are the causes of Dandruff? 

  • Insufficiency of micro-nutrients in the daily diet of that causes hair loss and baldness in one séance we can say that malnutrition is the factor.
  • People having frequent fungal infection, there is a fungus named Malassezia Furfur, which mainly lives in scalp and irritates the scalp skin. Such irritation causes the extra growth of scalp skin, which used to die and that falls as a form of dandruff. 
  • People who use to sweat profusely and very often used to shampoo their scalp.
  • Cosmetically treated hair products are not good for our scalp; most of the hair shampoo and bathing bar are too much harmful if they are used for a longer period. Such products sometimes act as a causative factor for contact dermatitis (mild variant) and represents as dandruff.
  • Some people having dry skin since their birth and such people as having a great chance to suffer from such diseases. 

How will you know that You are suffering from Dandruff? 

Dandruff is quite simple to diagnose but differential diagnosis with Psoriasis is very difficult. The simple things by which we can roughly diagnose it at home before stepping to a dermatologist’s door.
  • Dry Scalp
  • Shedding of White Flakes
  • Itching in scalp
  • Reddish looking skin with mild greasy yellow skin of scalp.
  • Symptoms used to disappear after using any antidandruff shampoo or Oil or home remedies.
  • No such plaques in other sites of the body.
  • Seasonal out break

Dangers of Having Dandruff: 

  • If you have a habit of getting more frequent dandruff, then you are more prone to lose your hairs.
  • It is a cause of embarrassment for the sufferers and reduces self-confidence.
  • Blefaritis is a disease of the eyelashes, it is always associated with dandruff for prolong untreated cases. Here inflammation of the eyelid edges along with scaling like dandruff.
  • People suffering from dandruff mostly in teenagers also suffers from Pimples as a collateral disease with it.
  • Lymphadenopathy is very common in such cases.
  • In Psoriasis is also, there is shedding of white dead skin and which is similar to dandruff. An early diagnosis is always helpful if psoriasis and for that consulting your doctor is very important.

Interesting Facts About Dandruff:

  • Exposed to sunlight can reduce your dandruff.
  • The white flaxes are nothing but normal skin which was previously covering you scalp.
  • Shedding of Scalp skin is a normal thing and that occurs to everyone.
  • People using caps or helmets more suffers more from dandruff.
  • People suffering from dandruff trends to use caps more which causes more shedding.
  • People (mainly teenager) uses hair gel for hiding flakes but such gel produces more flaxes and triggers the condition.
  • People suffering from dandruff trends to use white shirts to hide the white flakes dropping in their shoulders.
  • It is not a contagious disease.
  • Pityrosporum Ovale is a yeast living in our scalp. If they increase in number causes dandruff.

Home Remedies for Dandruff:

  • Weekly one to two wash of scalp with herbal preparations (Available in the Market) is the best way to prevent dandruff.
  • Always wash your scalp with luke warm water before applying shampoo and then leave it for 10/15 minutes and then again use some luke warm water for washing the scalp.
  • Brushing of scalp and hair after shampoo is strongly recommended.
  • Wash your hair with Luke warm water then apply Triphala decoction and leave it for an hour and then again wash with water.
  • Whenever using any helmet always rap your head with a cloth before putting that.
  • Try to avoid exposer in dust and polluted materials.
  • Washing scalp with herbal (ensure first that all ingredients are herbal) based shampoo is a good habit.
  • Eggs can be used for antidandruff agent and it also act as conditioner for you hairs.
  • Mixture decoction of Neem and Reetha locally is very effective.
  • Like our body, our hair also needs some food or nutrition and that can be given to them as herbal oils. (Sesame Oil is considered the best of all)
  • Onion juice is shows very good result when used as a mixture with Neem leaves juice.
  • Lemon Juice with coconut acts as a super antidandruff mixer and shows great results. It should be applied before taking bath.
  • Applying juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also good. - Washing the hair with a paste of cooked green gram and fenugreek (methi) two to three times a week, is also good.
  • Yogurt with mix black pepper works a antidandruff mixture and shows very good results.
  • Always try to take fresh and green seasonal vegetables and fruits in more quantity. Nature produces the seasonal foods according to our needs particularly needed during that period. It could be a good supplement for our mineral and micronutrients.
  • Olive Oil is a natural clarifying and moisturizing agent and it fights against dandruff. Luke warm olive should be applied at bed time shows good results.
  • Bringaraj (Eclipta alba) leaf juice is considered as one of the best for dandruff and hair fall.
  • Reetha is great antidandruff agent and it is used in most of the herbal shampoo preparations, it can be easily use in home by making powder of it.
  • Decoction of Shikakai (Acacia concinna) is very effective in dandruff and hair fall.
  • Fenugreek seeds and garlic mixed with oil (preferably Olive oil) and heated for 15 minutes then use the oil on the scalp before 30 minutes of bath or can be used at bedtime followed by a luke warm water bath of scalp with any herbal shampoo.
  • Apple juice shows also good results as an antidandruff agent.
  • A good healthy diet is always good for such type of cases.

Effective Oral Medicines for Dandruff:

Local application is sufficient. However, in case of sever shedding or any other associated infection a combine therapy shows good results.
  • Cap. Neemgaurd (Good care Pharma) 2 capsules daily morning in empty stomach. 
  • Cap. Neem (Himalaya) 1 capsules twice daily before food. 
  • Cap. G-7 (Dr. Jrk Siddha) 1 capsule twice daily after food. 
  • Cap. Trichup (Vasu) 1 capsule twice daily after food 
  • Cap. Pesin (Dr. Jrk Siddha) 1/2 capsules twice daily after food. 
  • Cap AD-21 1 capsule twice daily after food. 
  • Cap. Hairich (Capro) 1/2 capsule twice daily after food. 
  • Tab. Telket (Himalaya) 2 tablets twice daily after food. 
  • Cap. K-3 (Ajmera) 1/2 capsules twice daily after food. 
  • Cap. Nutrich  (Aushlab) 1/2 capsule twice daily after food. 
  • 777 Oil (Dr. Jrk Siddha) 10 ml to 20 ml orally with milk in empty stomach.
  • Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu 2 tab twice daily after food. 

Local Applications for Dandruff: 

  • Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil (Himalaya) 
  • Sesa Anti Dandruff Shampoo (Ban)
  • Lumina Herbal Shampoo (Dr. jrk Siddha)
  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (Himalaya)
  • Alovera Hair Wash (Lala)
  • Chirayu Hair Oil (Chirayu)
  • Danherb Hair Oil (Ratan)
  • Dandrux Oil (Shankar)
  • Dano Hair Oil (Dr, Jrk Siddha)
  • Denz & Darc Hair Oil (Atrimed)
  • Ella Oil (Lala)
  • G3 Ayurvedic Medicated Hair Oil (Abhinav)
  • G3 Triple Action Ayurvedic Hair Wash (Abhinav)
  • Hairvit Oil (Millennium)
  • Hair Vitamins (Lala)
  • K-3 Oil (Ajmera)
  • Hair Astrigent (Lala)
  • Herbal Shikakai (Lalas)
  • Herbal Neem Shampoo (Lalas)
  • Junash Oil (Ratan)
  • Karakuntal Oil (Avn)
  • Hairich Hair Oil (Capro)
  • Kesha Kuntal (Vayas)
  • Kesh Care Hair Oil (Arar)
  • Kesini Hair Oil (Kapl)
  • Trichup Hair Oil (Vasu)
  • Nutrich Hair Oil (Aushlab)
  • Presoria Dandruff Cleanser (Salveo)
  • Scurfol Lotion (Atrimed)
  • Shyamla Hair Oil (Vasu)
  • Shyamla Shampoo (Vasu)
  • Suvarna Hair powder (BAN)
  • Suvarna Hair Shampoo (BAN)
  • Vita-Cal Hair Oil (four-S- lab)

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