Alopecia (Hair-loss/Hair Fall) : Causes, Risk, Homely Care, Herbal Medicines

Hair fall is such as problem, which widely distributed from Billionaires to Beggars. A problem, that starts in between 20 to 45 years. It is a major cosmetic problem worldwide. It helps to many artificial hairs grafting foundations to run all around the world. A huge business is grown up in last twenty years. In Ayurveda, the Ancient Acharyas described it briefly even two thousand years ago. They described many formulations and single herbs in their respective classics regarding the matter. Thousand years old, formulations are dam good in many angles.


  • Hereditary causes are the main factor.
  • In many families hair loss and bald head is symbolic.
  • Aging means with flow of time our body starts to fall in simple words it is a journey from teen to adult and then adult to old age and with that, process hair starts to loos with time.
  • Insufficiency of micro nutrients in the daily diet of that causes hair loss and baldness in one séance we can say that malnutrition is the factor.
  • Chemicals present in the bathing water are very important.
  • Our supply waters from the PHE department are chemically treated and often consists bleach. Those who already developed receding hairline should avoid this water.
  • Stress and anxiety is a major prevailing factor in the young an adult.
  • Our today’s life style hampers our organic balance.
  • Physical or Chemical trauma.
  • After chemotherapy people trends to grow up thinning hair followed by rapid hair loss their hair and teeth.
  • During pregnancy women generally suffers from loss of different kind of minerals and if they do not take proper nutritious diet during that period then she may develop a gradual hair loss.
  • Bacterial or Fungal infection often causes loss of hair in particularly affected areas.
  • Few allopathic medicines having severe side effects and one of the side effect is hair loss. Like Thallium, OCP (Oral Contraceptive Pills), Anticoagulants, Vitamin A supplements in excess, Antimitotic drugs, Propranolol, Allopurinol, Gentamycin, Amphetamine, Indomethacin, etc.
  • Cosmetically treated hair products are not good for our scalp; most of the hair shampoo and bathing bar are too much harmful if they are used for a longer period.
  • Prolong fever or viral diseases causes’ loss of hair. Commonly patients used to give complains that after the attack of typhoid the started losing hairs.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding hair care is a major problem in women.
  • Use of styling gel in hairs for making our hairs straight is not a good habit such products are cosmetically treated and hampers the normal organic balance of hairs.
  • Disease like Trichotillomania where patient used to pull his own hair, it is a mental disorder.
  • Patients having dry scalp and used to suffer from seborric dermatitis or dandruff suffers a gradual hair loss.
  • Peoples, who use more helmets, are often suffering from hair loss and it is very common worldwide.

When you are in risk?

  • Our hairs grow in a cyclic way. They use to grow in a speed of 1.3 cm per month. Such growing continues for a period of two to six years. Then after that period, hair starts to die. Normally 90 % hairs always remain in growing state. Rest of hairs use to die in form of hair fall on daily basis. Normally losing of 100 to 150 hair strands daily is normal. In case of excess of that always needs medical assistance. Early greying and thinning are the factors we should always keep in mind and should consult any doctor. If treatment starts from that time prevention is somehow possible.
  • Dandruff is a disease of the scalp and we often ignore it. However, dandruff is not only responsible for hair loss it is also responsible for Pimples. Dandruff needs an immediate management.
  • Hair fall is also an early symptom of diabetes on any other chronic disease, which causing the lack of microelements and vitamins in our body.
  • So hair fall though look very simple but it could be a knock towards more complicated diseases.

Things to do at home & out door:

  • First, wash your hair with luke warm water. Then apply Triphala decoction and leave it for half an hour and then again wash with luke warm water.
  • Whenever using any helmet always rap your head with a cloth before putting that.
  • Try to avoid exposer in dust and polluted materials.
  • Washing scalp with herbal (ensure first that all ingredients are herbal) based shampoo is a good habit.
  • Mixture decoction of Neem and Reetha locally is very effective.
  • Like our body, our hair also needs some food or nutrition and that can be given to them as herbal oils. (Sesame Oil is considered the best of all)
  • Applying juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also good.
  • Washing the hair with a paste of cooked green gram and fenugreek (Methi) two to three times a week, is also good.
  • Always try to take fresh and green seasonal vegetables and fruits in more quantity.
  • Nature produces the seasonal foods according to our needs particularly needed during that period.
  • It could be a good supplement for our mineral and micronutrients. Bringaraj (Eclipta alba) leaf juice is considered as one of the best.
  • The juice of carrot and lettuce juice is also good to take.
  • Protein is the most valuable component for our growth and for hairs, it is the basic thing.
  • Our diet should have proper protein substances.
  • Decoction of Shikakai (Acacia concinna) is very effective.
  • Abrus precatorius or Gunja seeds paste locally.

Herbal Medicines:

Oral Drugs
  • Bhringarajasav 4 tsf twice daily after food with water.
  • Kumariasav 4 tsf twice daily after food with water
  • Saptamrit Louha 3 tab twice daily
  • Arogyavardini 3 tab twice daily
  • Tab. Kesh Kuntal 2 tab twive daily
  • Cap Hamenol 2 cap twice daily
  • Cap/Syp Amyron
  • Tab.Liv 52
  • Tab. Liv 52 DS
  • Syp. Livomin
  • Tab. Hair Back
  • Cap Hairich
  • Tab. Richhealth

Local Application:

  • Maha Bringharaj Hair Oil
  • Sesa Hair Oil
  • Karkuntal Hair Oil
  • Hair Back Oil
  • Subarna Hair Oil
  • Hair Zone Hair Liquid
  • Hair Loss Cream


Men or women for both it is a very critical. As it starts from the early 20’s, so it is always matter of concern. Women are more conscious regarding this matter than men are but unfortunately, due to this query, they used to go for self-experiment with many products and that is the worst part. Choosing a product for hair is always a challenge and before choosing that me mast know that herbal preparations are friendly to our body, scalp, and hairs.
Therefore, finally one thing you should always remember that whenever you will discover that there is something wrong with your hairs then you must consult with a physician. As I described earlier hair, fall may look very simple but it may be a knock of any other disease. N.B. Before starting self-medication always consult with your doctor.

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  2. Thanks For sharing the Information Admin. Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by millions of people all over the world. Only it can curable taking the help of best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. You can Visit the website for more information.

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