Jaundice ( Hyperbilirubinemia/Kāmala); Causes, Symptoms, Investigations, Medicines.

A major problem worldwide. It is condition characterized by the yellow pigmentation of the skin, sclera (White part of eye) mucous membrane etc. High-rise of biilirubin (the orange or yellowish pigment in bile, it is derived from hemoglobin of the red cells that have completed their life span and are destroyed & ingested by the macrophage system of the liver, spleen, bone marrow and thus from every where it comes to liver and chemically changed and excreted through bile and finally comes to guts where they converted to urobilinogen by essential bacterias and excretes through stool and few are are absorbed in blood stem which is excreted by urine ) level (medically called hyperbilirubinemia) in blood serum, due to deposition of bile pigment. It may be due to the obstruction in the bile (a waste product produced from the dead red cells of blood) passage or Dysfunction of the liver cells or due to excessive destruction of the red blood cells. 
Two types of billirubin seen.
  • Direct Bilirubin or water soluble Bilirubin or Conjugated Bilirubin 
  • Indirect Bilirubin or Fat soluble Bilirubin or Unconjugated Bilirubin 
Normal Level Of Billurubin .2-1.8 gm/dl 
 Jaundice may be the beginning of curable disease, such as Gallstone obstruction in the common bile duct. Carcinoma of the head of the Pancreas obstructing the opening of the common bile duct in the duodenum. There may be hemolytic disorder, where excessive death of red blood cell occurs. It may be hepatitis (A disease where inflammation of the liver cells occurs) infection which usually occurs after viral infection. There are few types of hepatitis but few of them are deadly and the tenth most common causes of death worldwide, resulting more than 100 million per year. Alcoholic Patients must remember it be a step towards the complete structural deformity of the liver cells and can progress towards liver cirrhosis. In newborn jaundice may be common and can cured by through photo therapy or transfusion but a sever level increase can cause the cell damage of basal ganglia and brain stem, may cause deafness, cerebral palsy, or death. Therefore, an early diagnosis is required whether it is due to red cell (Rh) incompatibility or due to septicemia. It may due to inadequate intake of fluid.


  • Yellowish colorization of the skin, sclera, soft palate, palm and soles
  • Passing of yellowish urine (Continues even after taking sufficient amount of fluid orally and proper rest.
  • Sever to moderate weakness.
  • Sever to moderate frequency of nausea and vomiting.
  • Anorexia or less desire for food.
  • Itching all over body


  • Serum Bilirubin # (Fraction)
  • Estimation Blood Routine examination
  • USG whole abdomen (to evaluate any gallbladder or other obstructive causes)
  • ERCP
  • Liver Function Test

Home Remedies

  • Bhuamlaki plays very good role as hepato-protectors.
  • Lemon juice in the morning with piper is healpful
  • Lots of tomato juice with salt · Juice of sugar cans is good
  • Juice of tender papaya leaves
  • Juice of turmeric with little bit warm water in the morning
  • Oily food should be avoid totally
  • Plenty of water orally
  • Meat and milk products contains fat so it should be avoided
  • Spices should be avoided
  • People who use to consume alcohols should stop it immediately
  • Certain Allopathic drugs are hepatotoxic, such drugs should be avoided after proper consultation with the doctor. 
  • Your liver needs rest so do not make it so busy by consuming large amount of food.
  • Take absolute bed rest 
  • Roaming in hot weather is harmful so keep your self in a room with normal temperature
  • Specially earn the habit of saying to the people on their invitation unless your physician permits you to take rich foods outside
  • Preferable easily digestible food and drinks should be taken.


  • Arogayavardhini Vati
  • Drakshasav
  • Cincadi Lehyam
  • Drakshavleham
  • Mahapittantak ras
  • Kumariasav
  • Tab Liv 52 DS
  • Tab/Syp Liv 52
  • Cap/Syp Amlycure DS
  • Syp. Cirroliv
  • Syp. Livomyn
  • Cap. Liv52 HB
  • Syp. Stimuliv
  • Consticare Granules
  • Panchasakar Churna
  • Nagarjun Vati
  • Gudduchi Satva
  • Tab. Immumod
  • Cap. Gudduchi Sukha Virechan 

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