Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment For Memory Loss or Smriti Dorbalya.

As our computers or smartphones needs to reboot or a schedule temporary files cleaning for maximum speed up and most excellent performance quite similar way our brain also doing the same thing with us. Ok let me ask you two simple questions,
Ø How many times you have seen the full moon in your life ?
Ø How many students were there in the class when you were in fifth standards?
May be you are trying to remember the answers but can u tell me the exact answer? That is called scheduled clean up. Somehow, it is necessary for our life’s curves and to overcome from the dark phases of our life. Forgetting is an inevitable process of life having both positive and negative values. There are so many people, so many places, so many incidents, so many songs, so many movies, so many foods that used to fill up our eyes with tears and causes depression.  On that angle, loss of memory often seems good and a healthy habit. Nevertheless, when you trends to forget the most necessary things of your day-to-day life then you need medical assistance.
Simply forgetting is loss of information already encoded and stored in an individual's long-term memory. The “Retention Loss“ is the term used by  psychologists to describe the symptom of forgetting. Such thing may occur in ant phase of life. Such cases maximum time associated with other findings. Mainly people suffering from stress or any chronic disorder develops such complains as a consequences of depression or mental or physical illness. 
In Ayurveda such condition is described as Smriti Dorbalya. The anciant Acharays described plenty of herbal and herbo-miniral preparations for all age groups. This medicines are too much effective and having very less percentage of side effects. In Ayurveda such preparations are described in the group of “MEDHYA” means the drugs which is potent for “Medha”(Power of Knowledge). One more I want to add here that all medicines of this group are potent for vitality and give the body strength and stamina.
Herbal Home remedies
Ø Brahmi (It is of two types one variety is called Matsyakshi (Bacopa monnieri)and the other variety is called Mandukparni(Centella asiatica) leaves powder or mix with any food preparation.
Ø Juice of Brahmi in empty stomach followed by a healthy breakfast.
Ø Vacha, Sankhapuspi, Manjeestha, Giloy are the herbs very useful for memory boosting.
Ø Cow’s milk, cow’s ghee and other preparations of cow’s milk are advisable.
Ø Apple Juice or the whole daily shows very good results.
Ø Almond and almond oil are useful in promoting memory and widely used too.
Ø Amlaki is very useful and it can be taken in any form (powder or juice or as prickles)
Ø Aswagangha Churna (5 grams) with milk twice daily after food.
Things to do at home
Ø Mental peace is very important for such cases so the silence or a peaceful condition must be created at home.
Ø Meditation is very useful for maintain a good sound mental health.
Ø Basic breathing practice in the early morning and evening is very useful as it gives plenty of oxygen to our brain.
Ø Yogamudra, is very useful for adults it is a form of Yoga which effects on spinal nerves and maintains a good digestive system and reduces depression.
Ø Foods having the taste of Pungent or Bitter or Astringent should not be taken regularly in huge amount as in Ayurveda such tastes considered as decreasing memory and vitality.
Ø Music is considered as the best thing to make up your mind fresh and one should go for it according to their choice. Through there are so many recording are there in the market dealing with mental peace.
Effective Herbal Preparations
Ø Brahami Vati
Ø Brahami Ghrita
Ø Brahami Rasayan
Ø Amlaki Rasayan
Ø Aswagandha Ghana vati
Ø Sarswata Churna
Ø Mukta Pisti
Ø Prawal Pisti
Ø Cap. Aswagandha
Ø Cap. Stesscom
Ø Cap. Stressgaurd
Ø Cap. Brahmi
Ø Cap. Gudduchi
Ø Tab. Mantate
Ø Cap Amlaki
Ø Syp. Sankhapuspi
Ø Syp. R.B Tone
Ø Syp. Sarswatarista
Ø Syp, Aswagangharista
         As early, I told about the association of other mental or physical or social problems are the causative factors. Such factors should be treated accordingly after consulting any physician. Finally, we can say reboot of our default memory can be possible if we treat it with proper environment, yoga, meditation, and proper nutrition.

** Start medication after proper consultation with an Ayurvedic Physician. Self-medication is harmful.

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