Night Fall (Nocturnal Emissions /Swapna Dosh); Misconceptions, Basics, Investigations, Treatment & Drugs

     All around the globe people use to spend a lot of money for curing themselves of these symptoms where they even do not know that this is not a disease, and it is a normal physiological phenomenon. People's lack of education and knowledge regarding the subject gives many people a scope to earn from them by making them afraid of that. Here I am discussing my views and experiences regarding the topic that I have seen from last five years.  After completing my Bechalor degree, when I started my medical practice, the most common question that asked to me by many of my patients and friends is all about nocturnal emissions or nightfall or so-called "Swapna Dosh" and interestingly  the type of question is just like that,

I ejaculate unconsciously during sleep. Sometimes I have dirty dreams, and sometimes it does not depend on dreams. The liquid is a mixture of semen and urine. It drains the energy of the body. I also sometimes have a slight pain in my testis, during urination or passing stool some whitish thing use to come out in the end Patient.


''I ejaculate unconsciously during sleep and due to that I am losing my weight and health"- Patient

Things to be shared with your friends

  • Nightfall is not an illness. It is normal, physiological process.
  • Ejaculation through wet dreams does not cause a "decrease" in health. Your body needs to get rid of older stale sperm by ejaculating semen at regular intervals.
  • Nightfall makes sure that you are fertile and ready to reproduce when the time arises.
  • Maximum times people used to suffer from Chronic UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) also develop such symptoms and complaints the almost same way.
  • People Suffering from Cystitis (Chronic Inflammatory Condition Of Urinary Balder.
  • Sperm production is a natural process and often it used to drain out from the body after any erotic dreams, which is quite normal think in terms of physiological status.
  • People who are frequently masturbates and often dint get chances to do so complaints such.

When treatment is required ?

Nightfall is not an illness. It is normal, physiological process.  It does not require treatment.
But in some cases such as
  • If there is any involvement of UTI or Urinary Tract Infection, then medication needed
  • If there is draining of whitish discharge every time while passing urine or stool that may be due to Cystitis, which needs treatment.
  • Weakness may be due to chronic UTI or Cystitis or may be associate with other disorders (Which needs to evaluate) needs some management for controlling weakness.


  • Urine Routine Examination.
  • Urine for Culture and sensitivity.
  • Ultra Sonography (KUB)

Treatment (for relevant causes)

    It is a very serious matter for many young and adult people regarding their sexual life and body fitness but actually,

   However, in-spite of these all doctors used to prescribe some medicines to the patients coming to them, because in few diseases such as UTI or Cystitis (Where some similar feature may can be seen) requires treatment. Otherwise for nightfall proper knowledge regarding the topic, and proper counseling is only required.
  • Plenty amount of fluid orally
  • Juice of Punarnava ( Boerhavia diffusa) plant is very much effective in UTI.
  • Juice of Pashanbedh (Bryophyllum pinnata) is good when taken with powder of Gukshur (Tribulus terrestris) in UTI


Oral Medicines:

          Remember these medicines are indicated for those who having some other issues like UTI or Cystitis...not for night fall.
  • Punarnavadhi Mandur: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Punarnavarista: 4 tsf twice daily with equal water just after food.
  • Punarnavasav: 4 tsf twice daily with equal water just after food.
  • Tab. Cystone: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Tab. Calcurry: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Tab. Distone: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Tab. Neo: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Tab Neeri: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Syp. Alka 5: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Syp Neeri: 2 tab twice daily.
  • Syp. Flow Rine: 2 tab twice daily.

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  1. but, in case of many prson I have seen that.. Shankha vati.. and also any from of calcium supplements decrease the symptom markedly.. why? Is there any chance that low blood calcium level may increase the symptoms? and another thing I noticed, by any means general body weakness ( without any major pathology) if treated the patient get rid of this nctrnal emision fr many month. plz explain. and is there any disease classified by ayurveda that includs the symptoms of sana dosh?

  2. calcium salts in absorb able form reduces the absorption on nitrogen and which is good of any renal disease. In modern science the formula used in case of chronic renal failure cases. they use the amino acids in form of calcium salts. But in Ayurveda we generally give the herb like punarnava for this purpose which is a rich sources of almost al essential amino acids. It may be the cause that if you use sankha vati (contains calcium salt) with punarnava you get very good result. Regarding ill health it is very ture that those people may be suffering from uti for a long time, which even reflects in their health.

  3. I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people.

  4. Thanks for sharing your post. Daily consumption of pomegranate is the best way to reduce frequent nightfall. You should dry pomegranate under the sunlight for 2-3 days. Then you grind them well into powder. Next, you mix a teaspoon of this powder with a little honey and consume twice a day till you are treated this problem. For natural supplement visit