Paronychia (Nail bed infection): Causes, Symptoms,Life Style Change, Home Remedies & Herbal Medicines

Paronychia a very uncommon name for a common person but a very common problem for common people. Yes, I am talking about Nail Bed Infection. Nail bed infection is very painful and irritating condition. It is usually not so serious thing to worry about but sometimes it starts to spreads infection and makes it worse. For people suffering from Diabetes, it is somehow dangerous if left untreated.


Paronychia is a disease of the nail beds (fingernail or toenail) where the nail beds become infected by bacteria or fungi. In such condition, the surrounding skin of the nails used to irritate and may start as redness and swelling around.

Symptoms of Nail bed infection:

  • Redness around the nails bed.
  • Swelling around the nails bed. 
  • Several nails on the same hand may be affected at the same time.
  • Formation of Pus. Pain and tenderness in the affected nail bed.
  • Difficulty in doing normal work or walking.
  • The skin around the nail feels moist or "boggy.".

Causes of Nail bed infection :

  • Patients suffering from diabetes.
  • People who use more water are more prone to such diseases. 
  • Biting or pulling off a hangnail.
  • Fishermen and Washermen are the prime sufferers.
  • People used to use washing bar frequently suffers more. 
  • The habit of Biting or pulling own nails.
  • Cutting or pushing back the skin around the sides and bottom of the nail.
  • Use of chemical on the nail bed informs of nail polish or polish remover.
  • Injury during pedicure or manicure.
  • Dirty nails.
  • Exposed to clays or any infected thing.

Life Style Change For Paronychia: 

  • Be gentle when you manicure your nails.
  • Avoid cutting your cuticles or pushing them back.
  • Keep your nails away from frequent water exposed.
  • Avoid nail biting, by doing this we often cut the outer surface of our nail bed thus chances of infection increases.
  • Avoid biting hang nail, it is a bad habit and often we have to pay for that in terms of nail bed infection.
  • Avoid chemical exposer.
  • Simple detergent is one of the major factors for this.
  • Keep your nails dry. Those who repeatedly washes their hands and feet are more prone to develop this.
  • I have seen many people used to apply nail polish to reduce the pain but by doing this we actually trigger the disease condition.

Home Remedies for Paronychia:

  • Haldi (Turmeric) heated with oil and local application.
  • Garlic juice is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent and it can be used locally.
  • Honey and cinnamon powder mixer locally.
  • Paste of Tulsi (Holy Basil) Gudduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) mixes with honey locally
  • Apple paste with vinegar makes the solution, and keeps your infected finger on that.

Medicines for Nail Bed Infection:

Oral Medicines:

  • Prataplankeswar
  • Kaishore Guggulu
  • Gudduchi Satva
  • Mahamanjisthadhi Kwath
  • Rasamanikya
  • Gudduchyadhi Louha
  • Gandhak rasayan
  • Tab. Septilin
  • Tab. Purim
  • Tab. Extra immune
  • Cap. Sepno
  • Cap. Neemgaurd
  • Cap Neem
  • Cap. AD21
  • Cap. Purin

Local Applications:

  • Heal Ek Ointment.
  • Cutis Cream
  • Boroline Cream
  • Boro Plus Cream
  • Jatayadhi Oil
  • Shodhak Oil
  • Cutis Oil

Things to remember:

It is very simple disease and maximum time recovers itself gradually within a week but the problem arises when the pus formation continues and exposer to water or chemical or dirty things continues. There is always a risk with the patients of Diabetes and separate treatment must be planned to reduce the blood sugar level. Finally, one thing to remember though it starts with a bacterial infection or injury but later on fungus can make a tent there and can affect the other nails too.

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