Back Pain (Lumbago): cases, symptoms, investigations, lifestyle modification

Pain in back a major problem worldwide. We often ignore it by thinking it a minor issue. Life in modern era is too fast and too hard, that is why we used to compromise with the pain often, and that is the worst part. However, if you will the reasons behind this pain, it will make to think in a different way.


  1. Uncomfortable sitting for a long time in a regular manner that used to do
  2. Uncomfortable journey for a long time and is very common in developing and under developed countries due to non-availability of enough public transports.
  3. Uncomfortable sleeping habit that is seen mostly in young’s, workers working abroad where they uses to compromise with bed, and financial crisis. 
  4. Traumatic injury in the back (like Public Assault or Family Violence)
  5. Accidental injury in the back (Road traffic accidents or accidental history of fall at home) 
  6. Post-surgical complication is very common due to spinal anesthesia and most commonly seen in women operated caesarean section.
  7. Modern Smart phone or I-Pad or Laptop users often uses  all those sitting in a uncomfortable manner regularly
  8. After pregnancy in normal deliveries, also back pain sometimes comes later as a complication.
  9. Obesity causes the bulging of the abdomen causes stress in back bone and causes back pain
  10. Excess weight lifting often causes muscles strains resulting back pain
  11. Most of the women (90%) wear a wrong bra and incidentally women having larger breasts and wearing a wrong bra suffers from back pain.
  12. Expensive and fancy chair though looks good but causes back pain.
  13. Abnormal shoe wearing causes abnormal heel-toe gait, stressing your knees, hips, and back and causes back pain.
  14. Using a tight belt or trouser causes sever back pain
  15. Abnormal ratio of chair and table in the office desk or study room
  16. Gases distension of the abdomen
  17. Pregnancy causes extra load of the abdomen and that causes inward bending of vertebra.
  18. Sprains
  19. Muscle stretches in the gyms
  20. Broken bones history
  21. Constipation (habitual)

Diseases Associated With Back Pain

  1. Coccydynia
  2. Degenerative discs
  3. Lumber spondylitis
  4. Fibromyalgia
  5. Osteophytes occurrences in the vertebra 
  6. Bone carcinoma or cancer
  7. Herniated disc
  8. Scoliosis
  9. Lumber Spinal stenosis
  10. Endometriosis
  11. Osteoporosis
  12. Dengue fever
  13. Kidney stone
  14. Psoriatic Arthritis
  15. Ankylosing Spondylitis
  16. Abdominal Aortic Aneurism
  17. Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis
  18. Osteoarthritis
  19. Paget’s Disease
  20. Sciatica
  21. Arthritis (Reactive, Gouty, Rheumatoid)


  1. Pain in back
  2. Difficulty in walking
  3. Difficulty in sleeping
  4. Mental irritation
  5. Change in normal gait
  6. Change of posture
  7. Difficulty in defecation
  8. Difficulty in normal activities
  9. Numbness in lower limbs
  10. Tingling sensation on the lower limbs
  11. Radiating pain from back to lower limbs


  1. X ray (Lumbo-Sacral/Thoraco-Lumber Spine)
  2. MRI (Lumbo-Sacral/Thoraco-Lumber Spine)
  3. CT Scan (Lumbo-Sacral/Thoraco-Lumber Spine)
  4. RA Factor, ASO Titre
  5. Serum Uric Acid, CRP
  6. Serum Calcium Estimation

Life Style Change & Things To Remember

  1. Comfortable Chairs with straight at back
  2. Comfortable sitting habit
  3. Chair table ratio should be comfortable
  4. Always try to seat straight
  5. Keep yourself in rest
  6. Try to avoid lifting weights
  7. Breaks in between a long sitting habit
  8. Do not share your seat with anyone in journey because a comfortable journey mast needed.
  9. Avoid long uncomfortable journey
  10. Avoid journey as far as possible
  11. Two wheelers mast have a good shock absorbers
  12. Avoid journeys in the damage roads
  13. Avoid super soft beds (A hard bed is more preferable)
  14. While using gadgets always prefer your comfortable sitting first
  15. Avoid prolong time standing
  16. Avoid tight belt with trousers
  17. Comfortable Trousers
  18. Use alternate Hot and Cold exposer to the affected area
  19. Plenty of water orally
  20. More green vegetables
  21. Plenty of seasonal Fruits
  22. As constipation is a major factor so more fibrous food mast be intake
  23. Use a lumber belt during the journeys and at home
  24. For Women an accurate bra size is mast


Oral Drugs
  1. Tab. Trayodasanga Guggulu
  2. Tab. Simghandh Guggulu
  3. Tab. Yogaraj Guggulu
  4. Tab. Swarna Guggulu
  5. Tab. Yogendra Ras
  6. Tab. Brihat Vata Chintamani Ras
  7. Tab. Vatagajankush Ras
  8. Tab. R Compound
  9. Tab. Amvatari
  10. Tab. Arnopen
  11. Tab. Arthro Care
  12. Tab. Arthronav
  13. Tab. arthrodol
  14. Tab. Ayurfine
  15. Cap. Flexibility
  16. Tab. Joint Care
  17. Cap. Ksheerabala
  18. Cap. Kineaz
  19. Tab. Mysotaal forte
  20. Cap.Navaaswagandha
  21. Cap. Stresscom
  22. Cap. Stressgaurd
  23. Tab. Neurokil
  24. Tab. Orthonervin
  25. Cap Orthronil
  26. Cap. Remorin
  27. Cap. Rheumadin
  28. Cap Sagun
  29. Tab. Auryog
  30. Tab. Dazzle
  31. Tab. Rumalaya
  32. Tab Rumalaya forte
  33. Cap Rumartho gold
  34. Cap Alopagesic
  35. Syp. Auryog
  36. Syp. Dashmoolarista
  37. Syp. Maharasnadhi kwath
  38. Syp. Balarista
  39. Syp. Abhyarista

Local Applications

  • Mahanarayan Oil
  • Maha Vish Garbha Oil
  • Mahamash Oil
  • Panchaguna Oil
  • Arjit Liniment
  • Rumalaya Liniment/Gel
  • Alopagesic Liniment
  • Ayuryog Liniment
  • Dazzle Liniment
  • Flex Liniment
  • Flex IMAC gel/Oil
  • Pyroflex Liniment/Gel


        So as we discussed earlier that your back pain may be a symptom of other prevailing diseases. So, better to take a consultation with a doctor as early as possible. Life style changes are must in almost all cases.


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