Medicinal Values & Uses Of Holy Basil (Tulsi)

        HOLY BASIL is a plant, which having lots benefits with lots mythological references. The Padma Purana glorifies Tulasi as an eternal associate of Lord Krishna and considers Tulasi as the essence of all devotional activities. In modern ages different kind of research is going on it. But according to Indian mythology it’s leaves, flowers, roots, bark, branches, stem and its very shade are all spiritual and medically active to cure any one.  As a single herb it plays great rule in our day to day life. Two most common variety of this plant are,  
Ø  Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Blackish or Bluish leafs .
Ø  Ram Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Green leafs.
Medicinal Values & Uses
Ø  Supports the immune system means it acts as a natural immune-modulator and thus Helps to fight against infections
Ø  It helps in digestion.
Ø  Tulsi is helpful in gastrointestinal problems
Ø  Tulsi reduces the chances of degenerative diseases 
Ø  Tulsi reduces premature aging
Ø  Tulsi Protect Your Body from Viruses,
Ø  Helps is smooth healthy metabolism
Ø  Tulsi Protect Your Body from stress
Ø  Basil is useful in Rheumatism
Ø  Basil is useful in inflammatory diseases.
Ø  Tulsi is useful in allergic disorders.
Ø  It is useful in heart diseases.
Ø  It is very much effective in oral disorder.
Ø  Tulsi is specialist in treatment of lung diseases. It is an excellent lung tonic. 
Ø  Tulsi is effective in Asthma. 
Interesting Facts 
Ø  It is anticarcinogenic and prolongs uses shows great results.
Ø  It acts as a vaccine against pox if consumed regularly. 
Ø  It is beneficial in reducing labour pain.
Ø  Tulsi dried leaves can be used as an insect repellent for food grains.
Ø  Prolong use of Tulsi saves from radiation poisoning.
Ø  In Hindu mythology, no worship can be performed without Tulsi leaves. 
Ø  In homes of Hindu people, you will find out at-lest one Tulsi plant, which they used to worship twice a day. 
Ø  Cap Tulsi (Himalaya)
·        Adults  2 cap twice daily
Ø  Syp Tulsi (Himalaya) 
·        Adults 2 tsf twice daily
·        Children 1 tsf twice daily
·        Infants as directed your physician.  
Ø  Almost all the herbal lung tonic or cough remedies consist of Tulsi extract. 
Ø  Used widely with herbal tea or green tea.
Ø  Used for the products levelled as Immunity enhancer.  
Ø  Tulsi extracts used for making mosquito coils and refills in natural way.

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