Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Arjun (Terminalia arjuna)

         Arjun is a very special herb using by Indians from thousands of years. It is well known to all because of its benefits for heart. However, other than this it plays major role in other systems also. So let us see what they are and why Arjun is so special.
Scientific Name
Ø Terminalia arjuna
Used Part
Ø Bark
Ayurvedic Overview
Ø Hridyadi Varga (Herbs Beneficial Of Heart)
Interesting Facts
Ø  It is a tall tree approx. 30-60 ft. in height
Ø  It’s branches always drop downwards
Ø  Pale Yellow Flowers can be seen in between March to June
Ø  It is native if India
Ø  Acharaya Vagabhat in 7th century mentioned Arjun as a cardiac tonic
Ø  It is commonly seen in the banks of river nearby.
Ø  Tassar Silk is produced from one of the variety of Arjun
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø  It is said to be one of the best cardio tonic mentioned in Ayurvedic Classics
Ø  It is useful in diabetes
Ø  It is useful in uterine bleeding disorders
Ø  It is useful in white discharge in women
Ø  It is useful in UTI
Ø  It is useful in bleeding disorders
Ø  It is useful in cardiac diseases
Ø  It is helpful in patients suffering from hypertension
Ø  It is helpful in bone fracture if applied locally
Ø  In ulcerations of it can be used locally
Ø  It is very useful for the patients suffering from cough and burning chest.
Ø Cap. Arjuna (Himalaya)
Ø Arjunghrita (Classical)
Ø Syp. Arjunarista (Classical) {Not indicated for patients suffering from Diabetes}

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