ASH GOURD (KUSMANDA / KUMRA): Scientific Name, Used Parts, Interesting Facts, Medicinal Properties & Uses, Preparation

We used to take it as vegetable in our daily life. However, behind the screen it plays some very good rule as herb. So let us start the journey to inside the Ash Gourd. 

Scientific Name :

  • Bnincasa hispida
  • Medhya Drugs (Memory Boosters)

Used Parts:

  • Fruit, 
  • Seeds,
  • Oil Ext from Seeds,
  • Plant Stem as Vegetable

Interesting Facts:

  • Ash Gourd believed to have originated in Java, Indonesia.
  • In Chain it is cultivation from more 2000 years back.
  • In Indian medical science it is using from thousands of years.
  • In Indian kitchen it is fruit, flower, and stem are used in recopies.
  • It can be kept in store for a long time without cold storage.
  • People are crazy about the immature fruits then the mature ones.

Medicinal Properties & Uses.

  • It improves the sharpness of memory.
  • It is helpful in sleeplessness or insomnia.
  • It acts as a nerve tonic.
  • Seeds are act a anthelmintic drugs.
  • It's seeds and fruit acts as a mild diuretic and good for renal stones and burning micturition.
  • Seeds are good for promoting the quality and quantity of sperm.
  • It is useful in maintaining good health and acts great as general tonic.
  • It can be used by those who having a very ill health.
  • It is good in fever as it having cooling nature.
  • Ash Gourd encourages tissue growth.
  • Ash Gourd provides relief from constipation.
  • It increases the clotting factors and thus helpful in bleeding disorders.
  • Ash Gourd contain vitamins and minerals and used as food supplement.
  • It is very good for heart and strengths the heart.
  • Helpful in the treatment of peptic ulcers.
  • It is use for relieving acidity.
  • It is very useful and tonic for lungs.
  • Ash Gourd is ideal for diabetics and patients suffering from obesity


  • Kusmanda Grita.
  • Kusmanda Khanda

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