Allergy; Syptoms, Causes, Precausions, Home remedies.

Allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction of the body immune system. Body already reacts with the foreign bodies by different methods and all those reactions are termed as allergy. We may allergic to many things, which are available all around us. A regularly used item or food can be a allergen for you at any point of your life. In ayurveda there are certain herbs which improves our body response by adopting or minimizing the intensity of the reaction.     
·        Sneezing mostly seen in dust allergy
·        Coughing mostly seen in dust allergy and also in contact with certain flowers or pets
·        swelling of the nasal mucosa
·        Wheezing and dyspnoea commonly seen people working in cement industries.
·        systemic allergic response or anaphylaxis
·        Attacks of asthma after exposure to dust or certain flower 
·        Abdominal pain due to certain foods, which are not suitable.
·        Bloating to food allergy like lactose intolerance or milk intolerance
·        Vomiting to food allergy like lactose intolerance or milk intolerance
·        Diarrhoea due to food allergy like lactose intolerance or milk intolerance
·        Rashes in skin after contact with certain objects.
·        Eczema in the exposed area commonly seen in latex industries
·        Urticaria seen for various factors where skin use to swell and gradually normalises.
·        Red eyes on exposure to known or unknown factors
·        Sever itching commonly seen cases of allergy.
In most of the cases, it is very problematic to find out the actual causing factor, but there are several factors, which can cause allergy, and they are as follows.
·        Allergy to certain food like, eggs,  milk products causing Abdominal pain, Diarrhoea, Bloating
·        Allergy to dusts causing asthma, running nose
·        Allergy to certain proteins like beef, milk, egg yolk. causing Abdominal pain, Diarrhoea, Bloating
·        Allergy to chemicals causing Rashes in skin,Eczema, anaphylaxis
·        Some people are genetically hypersensitive to so many pollens and allergens.
·        People who are not maintain a good hygiene are more prone to develop allergy.
·        Living in a place full of dust may cause allergy to respiratory system or skin allergies.
·        People who are new to certain environment  can develop allergy
·        People living in urban areas are exposing to many chemicals and gases which can causes allergy
·        In the people, living nearby to industrial areas develops certain types of allergies.
·        People living rural are also develops certain allergies but they are less harmful not often not so serious.
Things To Remember
·        Avoid the exposure to the known allergens
·        Keep your pets out as they may be a factor
·        Avoid the foods that creates abnormal symptoms
·        Use pollution mask and possible safety measures when going outside
·        Keep basement and bathroom dry to avoid mold growing
·        Mattresses, Cloths must be washed in hot water on a regular basis
·        Routine Cleaning of room better to use a vacuum cleaner (with HEPA filters)
o   rather than duster.
·        The allergic patient should be out of the room during and after cleaning
·        Maintain an allergen free environment at home
·        Indoor humidity must also be controlled
·        Always keep yourself clean and maintain hygiene
·        Never wear used or dam or smelly clothes.
·        Change your car’s cabin air filter
·        Always change your clothes after coming home
·        Use buckets when bathing rather than using shower(Showers are may be a home of certain fungi or pollens)
Home Remedies
·        Tulsi  is good in allergies of respiratory tract and also boosts immunity
·        Tinospora cordifolia juice in empty stomach is very useful
·        Honey locally in skin rashes works great
·        Rise in body antioxidant level helps to fight against pollens and allergens
·        Amla Or Indian gooseberry intake regularly is very useful
·        Plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables
·        Shirish, (Albizia lebbeck) is found very effective in fighting against allergens
·        Turmeric is a very good ant allergic agent which can be taken daily in the morning as raw juice. 
·        Two peels of lasuna/garlic daily in the morning
·        Luke warm water daily morning just after brushing
·        If deworming is not done then go for deworming.
·        Chitrak Haritaki Ableha (Classical Preparation)
·        Giloy Satva (Classical Preparation)
·        Chavanprash (Classical Preparation)
·        Rasasindur (Classical Preparation)
·        Syp. Amritarista (Classical Preparation)
·        Tab/Sup Septilin (Himalaya)
·        Cap. Sepno (Selveo)
·        Tab/Syp Extraimmune
·        Cap.Largina (Multani)
·        Cap. Gudduchi (Himalaya)
·        Cap. Shrish (Multani)
·        Tab. Immumode
·        Tab Algytone
·        Allergin Granules
·        Syp. Impurin
·        Cap. Purin
·        Tab Purim

·        SIVA Herbal Drops.


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