Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment For Sciatica Syndrome (Gridhirisi)

Sciatica!!! Ohhhh!!! It's paining..... It's killing me.

           We often heard like this  from the people who are suffering from it. Truly, it is a very painful condition of the  back to the lower limb. Only those are suffering from can describe the intensity and difficulty in normal daily work. It is actually a condition where our Sciatic nerve remains in the compressed position due to the pressure from lumber vertebra. It is a very odd condition where the normal walking style alters and based on this in the Ayurveda such condition called as Gridhirisi, The name itself indicates the way of the gate shown by the patients due to extreme pain just like a Gridhra (vulture), it is clear that this disease not only inflicts pain but also causes difficulty in walking, which is very much frustrating and embarrassing to the patient.

So What Is It?

      It's nothing but a pain in the distribution of the sciatic nerve, which begins from buttock and radiates downwards to the posterior aspect of thigh, calf and to the outer border of foot. It is caused by the compression or disturbance in the normal activity and root of the sciatic nerve by some means.

Causative Factors.
  • Tuberculosis of the lumbar spine
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Paget’s disease 
  • Malformation of lumbar root 
  • Pressure in intervertebral foramina 
  • Irritation at intervertebral foramina
  • Irritation in course of nerve 
  • Developmental narrowing of the lumbar canal.
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Pressure in course of nerve 
  • Inflammation or malignant disease of pelvic viscera 
  • Injury to nerve itself 
  • Tumor of nerve sheath
  • Peripheral neuritis  
  • Leprosy
  • Prolapsed intervertebral disc
  • Ankylosing spondylitis 
  • Polyarteritis nodosa 
  • Post herpatic neuralgia.
  • Intraspinal tumor
  • Nerve injury due to injection or trauma

  • Diminished mobility of the lumbar spine
  • Pain particularly localized over the region of the displaced disc
  • Tenderness over the course of the sciatic nerve after 
  • Muscle spasm and rigidity
  • Pain aggravated by coughing, sneezing, straining
  • Sensory loss in the region of the distribution of the nerve roots where they are compressed
  • Weakness of the affected limb
  • Pain aggravated by movements of the head, trunk or legs 
  • Pain aggravated by  prolonged sitting or standing
  • Alteration in normal sitting position
  • Alteration in walking position
  • Change of posture
  • Difficulty in defecation
  • Difficulty with normal activities
  • Numbness in lower limbs
  • Tingling sensation in the lower limbs
  • Radiating pain from back to lower limbs
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Mental irritation

Investigation May Needed

  • Routine Blood Test
  • Blood for
  • Serum Uric Acid
  • Serum alkaline phosphate, 
  • Serum protein
  • Cerebro-spinal fluid examination
  • Tuberculin test,
  • Serum acid phosphate 
  • Myelogram 
  • C.T. Scan 
  • M.R.I. 
  • Radiography

Line Of Treatment In Ayurveda.

1. Treatment of the causative factor
2. Oral drugs
3. Local Applications
4. Pancha Karma mainly Kati Vasti, Matra Vasti works like a magics if done with all   proper way after Purvakarama and Paschat Karmas.
5. Diet regiment and Daily activity
6. Regular exercise as per Doctor's direction
7. Change in lifestyle.

Drugs Used Orally**
  • Tab.Trayodasanga Guggulu (Classical)
  • Tab. Maha Yogaraj Guggulu (Classical)
  • Tab. Ekangabir Rasa (Classical)
  • Tab. Yogaraj Guggulu (Classical)
  • Tab. Vatakulantak Vati (Classical)
  • Tab. Vatagajankush (Classical)
  • Syp. Maha Rasnadhi Kwath (Classical)
  • Tab. Singhanad Guggulu (Classical)
  • Tab. Swarna Guggulu (Classical)
  • Tab Arow (Vasu)
  • Tab. Actiflex (Anuja)
  • Cap. Antanil (IMIS)
  • Cap. Arjit Forte (Carpo)
  • Cap. Amavatari (Pavaman)
  • Cap. Antrath (Millennium)
  • Cap. Arnopen (Phyto Pharma)
  • Cap. Arthocare (Airier)
  • Cap. Arthozen Forte (Zen)
  • Tab. Arthrella (Charak)
  • Tab. Arthodol (Dr. Palep's)
  • Tab. Arthronav (Abhinav)
  • Cap. Artiban Forte (Santhigiri)
  • Tab. Ashtavargam Kwatham (Kottakal)
  • Tab. Auroyog (Arya Aushadhi)
  • Syp. Auroyog (Arya Aushadhi)
  • Cap. Fitjo (Agrigold)
  • Cap. Gug-Sall (Ajmera)
  • Cap. Flex-imac (Adfac Labs)
  • Cap. Flexibility (Organic India)
  • Cap. Ksherabla (Swadeshi)
  • Tab. Orthonervin (Pankaj Kasturi)
  • Tab. Ortiset (Green Milk)
  • Cap. Ostranil (Salveo)
  • Cap. Penwel (Ayulabs)
  • Tab. R Compound (Alasin)
  • Cap. R Meg (Megha)
  • Tab. R.Pairyn (Ban)
  • Cap. Remorin (J&J)
  • Tab. Rheumogo (Herbotech)
  • Cap. Rheumacure (Uap Pharma)
  • Cap. Rheumallin-S (Ajmera)
  • Cap. Rheumallin-S Gold (Ajmera)
  • Tab. Rumalaya (Himalaya)
  • Tab. Rumalaya Forte (Himalaya)

Local Applications

  • Mahanarayan Tail (Classical)
  • Maha Vishgarbha Oil  (Classical)
  • Rumalaya liniment (Himalaya)
  • Rheumat 90 Liq (Nagarjuna)
  • Arthrella Oint. (Charak)
  • Rumalar Oint (Vita Health)
  • Arjit Liniment (Capro)
  • Arlin (Retort)
  • Arnopen (Phyto Pharma)
  • Artec Cream (Ayurchem)
  • Artho Oil (Zen)
  • Arthronav Liniment (Abhinav)
  • Arthronav Ointment (Abhinav)
  • Arthrum Oil (Vital Care)
  • Artisol (Varun)
  • Auroyoga Liniment (Arya Aushadhi)
  • Bestlin (Chirayu)
  • Cervinol (Avn)
  • Ostranil Gel (Selvo)
  • Alopagesic Liniment (Alopa)

 Life Style Change & Management At Home

  • Always maintain the rules of bearing or lifting weights
  • Comfortable Chairs with straight at back
  • Comfortable sitting habit
  • The chair, table ratio should be comfortable
  • Always try to sit straight
  • Keep yourself at rest
  • Try to avoid lifting weights
  • Breaks in between a long sitting habit
  • Don’t share your seat with anyone in journey because a comfortable journey mast needed.
  • Avoid long, uncomfortable journey
  • Avoid journey as far as possible
  • Two wheeler mast has a good shock absorbers
  • Avoid journeys in the damage roads
  • Avoid super soft beds (A hard bed is more preferable)
  • While using gadgets always prefer your comfortable sitting first
  • Avoid prolongs time standing
  • Avoid tight belt with trousers
  • Comfortable Trousers
  • Use alternate Hot and Cold exposer to the affected area
  • Plenty of water orally
  • More green vegetables
  • Plenty of seasonal Fruits
  • As constipation is a major factor, so more fibrous food mast be intake
  • Use a lumbar belt during the journeys and at home
  • For Women an accurate bra size is the most important thing to remember.
        So it is clear that we need some basic changes in our lifestyle. Besides the medicines you should go for Panchakarma treatment. It having some magical effects and results best. So from my side Panchakarma is preferable for the treatment purpose of Sciatica.

** Oral Drugs Mast Be Taken After Proper Consultation With An Ayurvedic Doctor

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