Ayurvedic Medicines Also Having Some Side effect.

Ayurveda, the science of life is a system of treatment based on physiological basics and herb- mineral medicines. The treatment of Ayurveda is also somehow homely and dedicated to Mother Nature. That is why we often used to say that Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects.
However, Ayurvedic doctors also follow Sir Newton’s 3rd law. Yes, like every action having some opposite reaction. Ayurvedic drugs also not beyond this theory. Due to the closeness of Mother Nature the ingredients are less harmless, and many of them are having no bad effects but not all. There are plenty of drugs and herbs which having some adverse effects if taken wrongly. As we know, some people are allergic to some particular drugs or plant, and that plant extract can be an ingredient of your medicine. We also use many minerals; sulfur is one of them, and many people are sensitive to sulfur.
There are many herbs that are contraindicated in pregnancy and if they are taken during that period, they can be fatal for the fetus. Most of the Arista (like Dashmoolarista or Aswagandharista) are very good drug, but prolong use can cause Acidity, and not indicated for Diabetes as it contains Sugar contents.
Therefore, Ayurvedic drugs are very potent and less harmful or can be said very safe if taken accordingly under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor. Please remember that Ayurvedic drugs also having side effects if it is taken without proper judgment, the proper way, proper time and without consulting an Ayurvedic Doctor. Self-medication is not a good habit and never please takes any medicine without your Doctor’s concern.

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