Bed Sores: Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment

       Bed sores a very critical manifestation commonly seen in the patients suffering from a dominant disease that forced him/her to stay in beds for a long time. It is a very common occurrence worldwide and among all age groups but most common in elderly persons. In post-operative cases such complication is very much common.

Common Sites:

Any Part of the Body can be affected but most commonly,
  • Back of the Head.
  • Both Shoulder blades,
  • Base of the spine,
  • Bot Elbows,
  • Both Hips (Back and Sides),
  • Tail bone area (around the sacrum is most common),
  • Both Knees,
  • Both Ankles,
  • Both Heels, toes,


  • Redness around the area.
  • Burning or Itching (May not be seen)
  • Sensitive patch of skin
  • Pain and irritation
  • Ulcerations of skin
  • Bleeding and signs of infection
  • Ulceration of muscles (if untreated in the skin level)
  • Ulceration of bones (if untreated in the muscle level) if in this state no medication done that may be fatal.


       Constant pressure in a body part mostly in heavy areas along with constant rubbing or squeezing skin and tissue against an outside surface causes the damage in the tissue and skin surface that causes bedsores. Simply it can be said that any friction on skin (May be skin with skin as seen in skin folds or skin with outer surface) causes skin damage and 

Contributory Factors

          There are many conditions where it can be seen or we can say those causes are the dominant factors that helps to grow such as:
  • Loss of consciousness for a long time like coma, Stroke
  • Immobility of any part of the body like as hemiplegia or hemiparesis.
  • Inactivity of any part of the body like as hemiplegia or hemiparesis or fracture.
  • Change Smokers and alcoholism.
  • Over Weight.
  • Long siting job.
  • Immobility of any part for medical purpose like fracture.
  • Poor Weight.
  • Serious Illness causing bed ridden for a long time.
  • Any post-operative procedure.
  • Patients suffering from Diabetes having high risk of bed sores.
  • Infection in the particular area.
  • Poor nutrition and hygiene

Things To Remember

  • Attends or family members or Patient mast remember followings to prevent bedsores.
  • Always keep your eyes open check patients regularly as a routine until they can take care of themselves.
  • Try to move (by Self/Third Person) frequently.
  • Use Powder (Medicated) that reduces the intensity of friction.
  • Use foam based pads on the high pressure areas.
  • Always try to clean the high risk areas.
  • Urine or Stool should be clean with proper care.
  • Use splint if required.
  • Commercially available medicated bed sheet can be used.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake

Home Remedies

        Thing to remember that such home based remedies only effective till the initial stage of sores means at the level of skin but it it enters in the muscles then mast consult with a doctor.
  • Honey Mix With Haldi or Turmeric on the affected area.
  • Turmeric with Aelovera juice on the affected area.
  • Honey it’s self is an antiseptic liquid on the affected area.
  • Honey Mix with Tulsi/Holi Basil on the affected area.
  • Haldi Powder on the affected area.
  • Manjista decoction mix with Neem and turmeric to wash the affected area.
  • Any powder best if medicated.
  • Aelovera jel on the affected area

Herbal Preparations

  • Jatyadhi Tail
  • Emollient Ripanto(J&J)
  • Cream Skion (Anuja)
  • Cream Six C (Ban)
  • Oint. B-Cut (SHILACHEM)
  •  Oint Cutfar (BAN)
  • Oint Ghavlin (AJMERA)
  •  Cream Healkreem (Bajaj)
  • Velwak Topical (ATRIMED)
  • Borototal (Baidhyanath)
  • Cream Epderm (Capro)


        So after this discussion on thing is clear that bed sore is preventable by simply keeping our eyes open towards our patients and that is main thing to remember. One more thing we should not forget that home remedies should only apply when it is limited within skin. consulting a doctor before self medication is always preferable.

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