Calcium Deficiency; Ayurvedic & Herbal Remedies

Calcium a mineral that is a component of our body. Our bones, teeth, nails all are the made of calcium. Calcium plays a major role in maintaining our body structure intact. However, problem is that if the serum calcium means the calcium level in blood decreases then calcium starts to dissolve bone calcium to maintain a static serum calcium level. Such condition is known as Calcium deficiency. However, our certain foods are rich sources of calcium but in time of calcium deficiency, you need medical assistance.
·        Rickets in excess calcium deficiency
·        Calcium deficiency results in poor bone density causes
·        Tooth decay is a sign of calcium deficiency
·        Premenstrual cramps in the teens due to the deficiency of calcium.
·        Easy fractures on fall or low-grade trauma sign of calcium deficiency
·        Muscular aches and spasms are sign of calcium deficiency
·        Weak and brittle nails are sign of calcium deficiency
·        Osteoporosis
·        Poor nutrition habit
·        Selective type of eating habit
·        Less exposure to sunlight
·        Lactose intolerance causes intolerance of milk products, which are the rich sources of calcium
·        Serious illness where patients cannot take oral foods.
·        Women when reaches menopause then body trends to lack abortion of calcium
·        In elderly person due to poor gut activity body trends to lack abortion of calcium
·        Osteoporosis
·        Rickets
·        Degenerative changes
·        Tooth decays and loss of teeth
·        Brittle nails
Home Remedies
·        Calcium rich vegetables
·        Seasonal Fruits.
·        Exposer to Sun light.
·        Milk products intake.
·        Sea products intake
·        Red meat.
·        Sankha Bhasma
·        Lakshadhi Guggulu
·        Guggulu tikta ghrita
·        Tab C-Vit (Chewable)
·        Tab Calci-7 (Uap pharma)
·        Cap. Limiron (Phyto pharma)
·        Cap. Neobliss
·        Cap Ossigen
·        Tab Reosto (Himalaya)
·        Tab. Shila Calcin-R (Arya Aushadhi)
·        Tab. Sucal (Afdil)
·        Tab. Navaratna Yoga (Uap pharma)
·        Granules Limiron (Phyto pharma)

·        Biocal Sachet (ADEAC).

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