Scabies/Kchchu:Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment

One or more close relatives or friends may develop same features of itching. Sharing cloths or bed or close contact are the prior causes of and mode of transmission. It is the most common and most irritating communicable skin disease. Very common in school going students. So let us try some herbal preparation for it.

Story behind the Screen

      It occurs due to a mite Carus Scabiei, At the very earlier their seems no reaction in the body. Then they lay eggs and starts making colony in our skins. Only from that stage, our body starts reacting on their presence, eggs, and faces. After few days, the sequence begins. Thus, we used to live with a mite and they feel us in form of sever itching.


  • Itching on the waistline and navel, buttock 
  • Reddish colorization of skin
  • More one people in the family may develop same symptom
  • Itching and ulceration in between the fingers
  • Itching around neck, scalp
  • Itching in palms and soles
  • Scratches develop from itching.
  • Red, dry, scaly, irritated skin lesions

Things to Remember

  • Never Use anyone's cloths
  • Don't share bed if your partner suffering from scabies
  • Wash all the cloths and bed covers & accessories.
  • All members of the family suffering from it have to take medicine.
  • If some one of the family not properly medicated then chances of reoccurrence increases.


  • Even after treatment there is always some chances to reoccurs.
  • Due to sever itching the body skin losses the normal inner surface and sometimes some secondary infection starts developing.
  • Secondary infection is not good it can be serious if not treated properly.
  • Risks of non-healing ulcer are more in Diabetic patients.  

Home Remedies

  • Leaves & Seeds of Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata) is very effective when paste of them used locally.
  • Garlic cooked in Mastered Oil acts fine when applied locally.
  • Haritaki can be used after making paste of it locally.
  • Neem leaves dust or juice can be used in water for bathing.
  • Use of Neem bark and leaf dust shows some good results.
  • Seeds of Karanja and Tulsi paste and using that locally show very good results.


           Oral Drugs
  • Gandhak Rasayan
  • Guduchydhi louha
  • Arogyavardhini
  • Kaishore Gugguglu
  • Khadirarista
  • Saribadhyasav
  • Mahamanjistadhi Kwath
  • Tab. Tiktamri
  • Cap. Purin
  • Tab. Purim
  • Cap Cutis
  • Syp. Rakta Sudha Tonic
  • Syp. Telket
  • Syp. Golderm
  • Syp. Purim
  • Syp. Impurin
  • Sariva Kalpa
  • Tab. Talket
  • Cap AD 21
  • Cap Pesin
  • Cap G 7
  • Cap Largina
  • Cap. Atrisor
  • Cap. D Scale
  • Cap. Der 9
  • Tab Dermaclin
  • Cap. Epderm
  • Tab. Histantin
  • Cap Gloderm
  • Cap Naturoderm
  • Cap. Neem plus
  • Tab Panchanimbadhi Vati
  • Cap Psora
  • Tab. Takzema
  • Tab. Suderma
  • Cap. Sori
Local Application
  • Takzema Ointment
  • Sorius Gel
  • Sorin Oil
  • Cutis Oil
  • Cutis Cream
  • Ringo Skin Ointment
  • Shodhak Oil
  • Visora Oil
  • Psorex Oil
  • Lippu Ointment
  • Lippu Oil
  • Khajhar Powder
  • Imupsora Ointment
  • Imupsora Oil
  • Emulika Oil
  • Ecizement ointment
  • DAD Nashak Ointment
  • Dadhar Ointment
  • D-Scale Oil
  • Calm Cream
  • Wright Oil
  • Maha Marichyadi Tail
  • Tuvarak Oil
  • Cha mogra Oil

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