Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Mandukaparnai (Centella asiatica/Thulkundi/Thankuni)

       On of the great creation of God for mankind. Centella asiatica is very common in India and often taken regularly by few communities. It having many health benefits so let’s start discovering.

Scientific Name
Ø Centella asiatica
Ayurvedic Overview
Ø Medhya Drug (Beneficial for Growing Memory)
Used Parts
Ø Whole Plant
Ø 10-20 ml as Juice
Interesting Facts
Ø It is known as  in certain parts of India, where as Brahmi is a separate herb.
Ø Native of India and Srilanka, and can be seen 2000 ft. above the sea level.
Ø Most commonly seen in dam  and watery areas
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø Useful in indigestion and promotes GI activity
Ø Useful as a general tonic as it contains plenty of antioxidants
Ø Useful in diabetes if taken regularly
Ø Useful in quantitative and qualitative production of breast milk
Ø Useful in ulcers and skin rashes if applied locally
Ø Useful in Fever
Ø Useful in promoting the sharpness of memory if taken 4/5 leafs regularly in the morning.
Ø Useful for harshness of voice
Ø Useful in cold and cough
Ø Useful in asthma
Ø Useful in bleeding disorders
Ø Beneficial for heart disease and strengthens the heart
Ø It reduces the aging process
Ø It is considered as a Rasayan, means a tonic that can give you strength, Stamina and Vitality
         There is no any known contraindication. Few Symptoms can be seen if taken in more dosages in respect of age, sex, body weight. Symptoms are as follows
Ø Headache
Ø Vertigo
Ø Rashes
Ø Sarsawatarista
Ø Sarsawata Ghrita

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