20 Healthy Mantras For Dandruff Free Scalp.

    1. Use of herbal shampoos is safe and effective in the management of dandruff scalp. Regular use or weekly twice or thrice is very good concept in maintaining the scalp hygiene. 
    2. Many of us just use to apply the shampoo before shower, whereas the formula is somehow different. Use some lukewarm water before you apply shampoo in your hairs then use the shampoo and leave it at lest for 10 minutes then raise it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Some company suggests repeating the thing once again but if you are a regular then once is enough.
    3. For the beginners, who started medications and suffering from severe dandruff  mast use a brush in the scalp for first few days then do it after every 15 days.
    4. Use of Triphala is very much effective in the treatment of dandruff. Raise your hairs with luke warm water then apply Triphala decoction or Powder (After Mixing with Water) and keep for half an hours then wash thoroughly.
    5. Sweat is the main cause of dandruff in the peoples using two wheelers. Always use a cloth or hanker chief to over your head and then put the hamlet on that. Our helmets having a soft cushion, and that used to absorb the sweats regularly and which very unhealthy for regular use if not washed. Always put your helmet in sunlight after use for dying. We should wash it after every two to three months.  Using helmets alternately between one pairs is very much effective in maintaining scalp hygiene.
    6. Using a cap is very much effective if you are going outside in a dusty, smoky area.
    7. Eggs are good antidandruff agent, and it also act as a conditioner for our hairs. Use of egg is very common in women, but man can also use it.
    8. Mixture decoction of Neem and Reetha locally is very effective. Neem having antifungal properties and Reetha traditionally use in India for hair care.
    9. No one can survive without food, and the concept applies in the case of our hairs also they needs some food or nutrition, and that can be given to them as herbal oils. (Sesame Oil is considered the best of all)
    10. Onion juice is very good for dandruff for better result use mixture of Neem leaves juice.
    11. Coconut with lemon juice acts as a very useful agent for patients suffering from dandruff.
    12. Shikakai (Acacia concinna) decoction is very much effective in dandruff control.
    13. Applying juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also good. -
    14. Washing the hair with a paste of cooked green gram and fenugreek (methi) twice or thrice in a week is very effective.
    15. Yogurt with black pepper dust acts good as antidandruff mixture.
    16. Always take the seasonal vegetables and fruits.
    17. Olive Oil is a natural clarifying and moisturizing agent. Luke warm Olive oil at bed time shows great result.
    18. Bringaraj (Eclipta alba) leaf juice is considered as one of the best for dandruff and hair fall.
    19. Reetha is great antidandruff agent and easily available in the market, and it is used in most of the herbal shampoo preparations,
    20. Intake of healthy and balanced food.

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