Medicinal Properties & Uses Convolvulus pluricaulis (Sankhapuspi)

        We are living in such a phase of time where we are depended only on machines. These machines are not only decreasing our power of brain but also the sharpness of our memories. We are actually jumping for more memories in our devices whereas losing our own. However, there are many herbs in the nature, which are helping us in boosting our memories and Sankhapuspi is one of them. So let us explore it.
Scientific Name
Ø Convolvulus pluricaulis
Ayurvedic View
Ø Medhya Drug (Memory Booster)
Used Parts 
Ø Whole Plant
Medicinal Properties & Uses 
Ø Very effective in boosting our memories or we can say it can increase the sharpness of thinking
Ø Very useful for people suffering from Sleeplessness  or Insomnia
Ø Very useful people suffering from gastritis or acid peptic disorder
Ø Very effective in bleeding disorders
Ø It promotes the clotting factors.
Ø The oil extracted form it promotes the growth of hair.
Ø It is very good from qualitative and quantitative increase of sperm 
Ø It is very effective in asthma
Ø It is also beneficial for lungs and acts as lung tonic
Ø It is beneficial for the nerves and plays a role as nerve tonic
Ø It is beneficial in fever for its cooling effects.
Ø Women suffering from recurrent threaten abortions can take is herb as a tonic as it improves the general health of uterus muscles.
Ø Syp. Sankhapuspi
Ø Stressgaurd Capsules
    Almost all the companies making it under the same banner   Sankhapuspi Liquid.

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