Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Vasa (Vasak/Adhatoda vasica/Malabar Nut)

      Malabar Nut or Vasa a herb of rare breed. It is too much beneficial for us in many angles. It plays a major rule in Indian villages to control and treat Kaas (Cough)) in the primary cases. So let us explore it. 
Scientific Name
Ø Adhatoda vasica
Used Part
Ø Leafs, Root, Flower
Ø Juice Of Leaf 10-20 ml mix with honey
Ø Juice Of Flowers 10-20 ml
Ø Juice Of Roots 30-40 ml
Interesting Facts
Ø  It can be grow up even in 4000 meters above then sea level
Ø  It contains Vasicine and Adhatodic acid
Ø  It is native of Asia and found all  over here
Ø  It is used in Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha medicine from long back
Ø  It’s flower is unofficial provincial flower of Punjab province of Pakisthan
Medicinal Properties & Uses
Ø  It is very useful respiratory tract Infection
Ø  It is very effective in primary stage of Kaas (Cough)
Ø  The alkaloids found in Vasa are respiratory stimulant
Ø  It is useful in heart diseases
Ø  It is useful for the patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.
Ø  It is also used in bleeding plies
Ø  It is a very effective in bleeding disorders.
Ø  It is beneficial in fever mainly associated with respiratory diseases.
Ø  It is useful in painful urination or Blood mix urine.
Ø  It is also effective in different skin diseases, rashes, and ulcers as local application.
Ø  It is a uterine stimulant and useful in uterine bleeding disorders.
Ø  It also checks the dysentery and blood mix stool conditions
Ø  It is beneficial in bronchial asthma
Ø Vasaabaleha
Ø Vasakantakriabaleha
Ø Vasarista
Ø Vasachandanadhi Tail
Domestic Uses
1.     Raw juice of Vasa leafs (10-20 ml) mix with Tulsi leaf juice and Ginger juice in common cold and Kaas (Cough) is very useful.
2.     Raw juice of Vasa with palm candy powder or honey.

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