Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment For Osteoarthritis (De-generative Arthritis Disease)

          Osteoarthritis, a disease of decaying bones. It is a very common and critical problem worldwide. Almost all the elderly persons are suffering from it. It is a major health issue for all us. However, Osteoarthritis can also be seen young ages. 
          It is a degenerative joint disease where your bones starts decaying and leads to a painful arthritis. Some mechanical abnormalities start just after the involvement of degeneration in the bones and this whole process leads to degradation of joints.
          It also includes all the joint forming components like articular cartilage, tendons, subchondral bones etc. Calcium is the main bone component and any disease that hampering the absorption or maintain storage of calcium is directly associated with osteoarthritis. 
Inside Story in Osteoarthritis
Actually due to mechanical stress our joints damages in their most active smooth functional edges and then due to bones self-repairing urges an insufficient, irregular repairing occurs in the effected edges and that leads to pain, friction, pinching, swelling and major suffering in the name of Osteoarthritis. It is closely related to Osteoporosis.
Ø  In some family, races  it runs as a tradition
Ø  Oestrogen deficiency after menopause effects in calcium absorption and results decrease bone mass reduction.
Ø  Excess consumption of alcohol & Tobacco smoking
Ø  Prolong use of some anti-Diabetic drugs like pioglitazone, Thiazolidinediones causes osteoporosis as a complication.
Ø  Calcium D deficiency most common cause in elderly person
Ø  Impaired nutrition and food habit
Ø  Excessive weight gain
Ø  Prolong use of aluminium-containing antacids causes’ disturbance in absorption of calcium and resulting osteoporosis.
Ø  Excess consumption of Soft drinks or Cold drinks 
Ø  Prolonged intake of drugs like prednisone, a glucocorticoid or hydrocortisone
Ø  Poor habit of selective food intake
Ø  Low production of Low sex hormones like Oestrogen
Ø  Weight lifting
Ø  After Pregnancy
Ø  Injury like RTA
Ø  Congenital disorder of joints
Ø  Inflammatory joint diseases like gout.
Ø  Pain in the effected joints
Ø  Difficulty in movement of the effected joints
Ø  Difficulty in walking
Ø  Difficulty in doing normal activity
Ø  Stiffness in the effected joints
Ø  Swelling in the effected joints
Ø  Tenderness in the effected joints
Ø  Typical sound can be felt  in movements of the effected  joints
Ø  Burning sensation in the surrounding area of the effected joints
Ø  Muscle spasm
Ø  Joint effusions or collection of fluid in the joints is one of the symptoms of Osteoarthritis
Ø  Weight bearing joints mostly effected like knee joints.
Ø Conventional Radiography
Ø DEXA Scan or Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry
Ø Serum Calcium Level
Ø Bone Mass Index Determination
Ø Bone Densitometry
Ø CT Scan
Ø Blood for RA Factor, ASO Titer, CRP, RBS etc.
As your joints are effected with osteoarthritis so you will suffer from restricted movement and restricted activities, That is why you must be careful regarding your health as you are already suffering in pain.
Ø Be careful while walking or running
Ø A simple fall may be fatal so always give the next step after seeing correctly
Ø If there is any vision impairment the mast correct it
Ø If there is any medical condition that is hampering normal activity just try to get rid of that.
Ø Careful in bathrooms and take necessary precautions and safety measures.
Ø Always be connected with your family.
Ø Confirm your diet having enough sources of calcium or not.
Ø If any medication that is hampering your calcium absorption then talk to your doctor.
Ø It is better to use a wrist belt or a lumber belt while going out.
Ø Always use a good pairs of comfortable shoes, and trousers.
Exercise – Physiotherapy - Ayurveda 
Ø Regular exercise of the effected joints is very important for keeping joints alive terms of movement and activity
Ø Physiotherapy plays great rule in the treatment procedure of  OA, Often both oral drug therapy and physiotherapy done together
Ø In Ayurveda there are some procedure like Abhyanga, Nadi Sweda, Janu Vasti, Kati Vasti, which plays a great role in treating the cases of OA. 
Homely Sources For Calcium.
As all we know that our bones, teeth, nails all are the made of calcium. Calcium plays a major role in maintaining our body structure intact. Bone decaying always donates loss of some calcium directly, so a health calcium rich diet is very important in osteoarthritis patients.
Ø Calcium rich vegetables like spinach, kale, turnips, Soybeans and collard greens
Ø Seasonal Fruits are rich sources of calcium 
Ø Exposer to Sun light helps in vitamin D synthesis 
Ø Milk products are rich sources of calcium 
Ø Fortified cereals, Wheat, Rice, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes are rich sources of calcium 
Ø Sea products are rich sources of calcium 
Ø Red meat and small fishes are a rich sources of calcium 
Ø Yogurt is a rich sources of calcium 
Ø Drum Sticks leafs are very rich sources of calcium
Ø Make a habit of taking an egg daily.
Oral Medicines
Ø  Sankha Bhasma (Classical)
Ø  Lakshadhi Guggulu (Classical)
Ø  Guggulu tikta ghrita (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Simghandh Guggulu (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Yogaraj Guggulu (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Swarna Guggulu (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Yogendra Ras (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Brihat Vata Chintamani Ras (Classical)
Ø  Tab. Vatagajankush Ras (Classical)
Ø  Tab. R Compound
Ø  Tab. Amvatari
Ø  Tab. Arnopen
Ø  Tab. Arthro Care
Ø  Tab. Arthronav
Ø  Tab. arthrodol
Ø  Tab. Ayurfine
Ø  Cap. Flexibility
Ø  Tab. Joint Care
Ø  Cap. Ksheerabala
Ø  Cap. kineaz
Ø  Tab. Mysotaal forte
Ø  Cap.Navaaswagandha
Ø  Cap. Stresscom
Ø  Cap. Stressgaurd
Ø  Tab. Neurokil
Ø  Tab. Orthonervin
Ø  Cap Orthronil
Ø  Cap. Remorin
Ø  Cap. Rheumadin
Ø  Cap Sagun
Ø  Tab. Auryog
Ø  Tab. Dazzle
Ø  Tab. Rumalaya
Ø  Tab Rumalaya forte
Ø  Cap Rumartho gold
Ø  Cap Alopagesic
Ø  Syp. Auryog
Ø  Syp. Dashmoolarista (Classical)
Ø  Syp. Maharasnadhi kwath (Classical)
Ø  Syp. Balarista (Classical)
Ø  Syp. Abhyarista (Classical)
Ø  Tab C-Vit (Chewable)
Ø  Tab Calci-7 (Uap pharma)
Ø  Cap. Limiron (Phyto pharma)
Ø  Cap. Neobliss
Ø  Cap Ossigen
Ø  Tab Reosto (Himalaya)
Ø  Tab. Shila Calcin-R (Arya Aushadhi)
Ø  Tab. Sucal (Afdil)
Ø  Tab. Navaratna Yoga (Uap pharma)
Ø  Granules Limiron (Phyto pharma)
Ø  Biocal Sachet (ADEAC)
Ø  Tab. Arjit Forte
Ø  Tab. Actiflexan (Anuja)
Ø  Cap. Amavatari (Pavaman)
Ø  Amavatari Kasayam (AVN)
Local Application
Ø  Mahavatabidhansa Oil
Ø  Vatavidhansa Oil
Ø  Mahamash Oil
Ø  Maha Narayan Tail
Ø  Rumalaya Liniment
Ø  Alopagesic Liniment

Ø  Dolowhite Emulsion 

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