Gingivitis: Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment.


         When our gums became swollen due to infection or irritants then they start to bleed in touch. Here is the full story, what happens commonly, when we do not brush or clean or floss our teeth or the gaps between two teeth then our foods that we used to take throughout the day remain there, as many of them are sticky or fibrous. Such food materials used to create some local irritation. Such behaviour also triggers the formation of plaque and tartar or teeth calculi on the teeth. Altogether, a complex chain of reaction occurs in the gum bed. Such reaction causes swelling in the gums. Such swollen gums are extremely soft and having rich blood supplies and that is why when we try to brush the trends to bleed. Such conditions are also called as Gingivitis.


  •  Our oral cavity shows the picture of our gastro-intestinal track some gum bleeding always refers some abnormalities in our guts such as liver discover.
  • Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause where poor brushing, lack of using floss or dental pricks, are the major factors.
  • Vitamin C deficiency, which is common when people used to take less amount of its sources. In our medical science, we considered it as “Scurvy”.
  • During pregnancy few of the women develops such symptoms due to lack of necessary nutrition and hormonal changes.
  • Use of different toothpaste which sometimes act as an irritant for the chemical components presents in it.
  • Trauma or chemical injury to the oral cavity due to suicidal, accidental, or other manners.
  • Some genetic bleeding disorders where profuse and uncontrolled bleeding occurs on touch some from minor injuries.
  • Tobacco addictions are major causes worldwide. The people having tobacco habits trends to bad oral hygiene and in logger term of use it causes gum bleeding.
  • Some drugs like aspirin which is used as pain killer and for the heart patients is an anticoagulant means if you are using it and any small eruption occurs in the mucosal area of your gum then you may develop gum bleeding.
  • People having the habit of Betel Quid addiction (Pan/Betel Leaf & Areca Nut/Suppari with Tobacco ) also uses Lime (Chun) or is a alkaline media and a sever mucosal irritant and people having such addiction often comes with gum bleeding.
  • During the normal aging process, our gums used to atrophied means used to shrink and causes gum bleeding while brushing.
  • During puberty and menstrual cycle, some women used to develop such symptoms, which may be due to some hormonal imbalance in the body.
  • Vitamin K deficiency is a major cause, as we all know that Vitamin K acts as a Blood Coagulating factor.
  • Lack of seasonal fruits and vegetable intake causes some serious deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Carcinoma of the oral cavity is also a cause of gum bleeding.
  • Too much hard brushing or brushing with a new hard toothbrush.
  • Open and infected teeth roots sometimes spread locally and cause gum bleeding.
  • A denture, which does not, fixes properly or prolongs use in unclean condition.

Home remedies & Home Tasks:

  • Plenty amount of vitamin C rich diet.
  • Consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid tobacco and Betel Quid.
  • Maintain oral hygiene, brush your teeth twice a daily.
  • Use floss to clean the sticky materials from the teeth and teeth gaps once a day.
  • Use tooth pickers to clean the plaques regularly after food.
  • Use some mouthwash by preparing at home, (Clove/Lavabga, Dalchini/Cinnamon, Common Salt, Elachi/Cardamom, Tulsi leafs/Holy basil, Neem leafs/Azadirachta indica, Haldi/Cumin juice and make a decoction your homemade mouthwash is ready).
  • Always use to wash your mouth after every heavy meal.
  • Never forget to raise your mouth after taking some sweets.
  • Sour fruits always contain some rich sources of vitamin C so go for that.
  • Dental tartars need scaling means a procedure to cleaning the teeth and unfortunately, for that you have to go to your nearest Dental Surgeon. Otherwise, try for removing tartar at home can cause further more injuries and thus a continuous process of bleeding persists.
  • Peppermint mix with luke warm water can be used for gurgling.
  • According to Ayurveda your toothpaste should not be contended with sugar so always check whether your toothpaste is sugar free or not?  Because sugar also causes tooth plaques.

Oral Medicines:

  • Tab. Styplon (Himalaya)
  • Tab. Payokil
  • Tab. G-32 (Alarsin)
  • Tab. Septilin (Himalaya)
  • Tab. Sepno (Selveo)
  • Tab. SIVA Herbal Drops (Dr. Jrk Siddha)
  • Tab. Prataplankeswer Ras (Classical)
  • Tab. Kaishore Guggulu (Classical)
  • Tab. Extraimmune (Charak)
  • Phalatrikadhi Ghritam (Classical)
  • Dashmoolarista (Classical)
  • Balarista (Classical) 

Local Applications:

  • Dentone Tooth Powder
  • Gum Tone Powder (Charak)
  • Gum Tone Gel Toothpaste (Charak)
  • Trudent Toothpaste
  • HiOra K Toothpaste (Himalaya)
  • HiOra K Mouth Wash(Himalaya)
  • Glycoseptal Mouth Wash (Jupiter)
  • AD Septal Mouth Wash(Arunava)
  • G 32 Mouth Paint (Alarsin)


        However, it looks like a simple one but it could be a knock of other prevailing disease. If even after proper care and home remedies, it does not looks good then go to a nearest dental surgeon. An important thing you should always remember that during the phase of gum bleeding or taking treatment never uses a hard brush as it may worsen the condition. You will easily get some soft toothbrush in the markets and that will be a better option. So maintain a good oral hygiene, keep your oral cavity safe, and secure from Gingivitis.

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