Angular Stomatitis; Ayurverdic & Herbal Treatment

Stomatitis is a very common problem worldwide. It is more common in poor and middle class people. People with poor nutritional stratus or having any chronic GIT disease are more prone to such diseases. One thing is mentionable that young child or even in teen ager, there is a habit of selective food which is a major cause of such diseases. In Ayurveda there are plenty of medicines described by Acharyas. 


  • Lack in intake of Vitamin B complex & Folic Acid rich diet or supplements are prevailing factor of Stomatitis.
  • A denture means persons who are using any artificial teeth. Due to poor attachment or any sharp edge or any trauma during putting that or if they are not properly cleaned and used for a long time then that can cause some loss of mucosal membrane and that can led to Stomatitis.
  • Mental stress is very deeply associated with recurrent Stomatitis.
  • Some of the components of toothpaste also sensitive for particular persons and in them it creates Stomatitis.
  • Our oral cavity shows the picture of our gastrointestinal track such ulcer always refers some abnormalities in our guts such as liver discover of indigestion or vitamin and mineral deficiencies or loss of gastric flora.
  • Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause where poor brushing, lack of using floss, are the major factors.
  • Vitamin C deficiency, which is common when people used to take less amount of its sources.
  • During pregnancy few of the women develops such symptoms due to lack of necessary nutrition and hormonal changes.
  • Trauma or chemical injury to the oral cavity.
  • Tobacco addictions are major causes worldwide. The people having tobacco habits trends to bad oral hygiene and in logger term of use it causes mouth ulcers and Stomatitis few of such are always shows the scenario of upcoming carcinogenic changes.
  • People having the habit of Betel Quid addiction (Pan/Betel Leaf & Areca Nut/Suppari with Tobacco ) also uses Lime (Chun) which is a alkaline media, a sever mucosal irritant and people having such addiction often comes with Stomatitis.
  • During puberty and menstrual cycle, some women used to develop such symptoms, which may be due to some hormonal imbalance in the body women trends to develop such Stomatitis.
  • Lack of seasonal fruits and vegetable intake causes some serious deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body and that reflects in form of Stomatitis.
  • Too much hard brushing or brushing with a new hard toothbrush causes the loss of mucosal membrane of the gums and that leads to mucosal ulceration and leads to Stomatitis.
  • Excessive alcohol intake causes the loss of normal condition of the GI track, that can cause imbalance in digestion and synthesis of essential vitamins, and lack of such vitamin and minerals causes Stomatitis.
  • Patients having very poor immunity are the frequent sufferer of Stomatitis like tuberculosis, AIDS etc.
  • Use of excess spices in diet is also a major cause.
  • Some people suffer from recurrent diarrhoea and in such cases patients used to develop Stomatitis recurrently.
  • Lack of hemoglobin means anemia is a major cause of recurrent Stomatitis.
  • People who are suffering from worm infestation can develop easily Stomatitis.
  • Tendency towards selective foods.

Home Remedies & Home Tasks

  • Plenty amount of vitamin C rich diet.(One thing we must remember the excess amount of Vitamin C also causes  mouth ulcer and kidney stones).
  • Consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Use some mouthwash by preparing at home, (Clove/Lavabga, Dalchini/Cinnamon,Common, Salt, Elachi /Cardamom, Tulsi leafs / Neem leafs, Haldi make a decoction your homemade mouthwash is ready).
  • Always use to wash your mouth after every heavy meal.
  • Never forget to raise your mouth after taking some sweets.
  • Sour fruits always contain some rich sources of vitamin C so go for that.
  • Avoid tobacco and Betel Quid.
  • Maintain oral hygiene, brush your teeth twice a daily.
  • If you are using any dentures then make it sure that it is fitting nicely in the cavity and not irritating any part. More over after certain period always, wash this dentures with antiseptic liquids.

Effective Oral Medicines

  • Tab. Septilin (Himalaya)
  • Tab. Sepno (Selveo)
  • Tab. SIVA Herbal Drops (Dr. Jrk Siddha)
  • Tab. Prataplankeswer Ras (Classical)
  • Tab. Kaishore Guggulu (Classical)
  • Tab. Extraimmune (Charak)
  • Phalatrikadhi Ghritam (Classical)
  • Dashmoolarista (Classical)
  • Balarista (Classical)
  • Amlalaki Rasayan (Classical)
  • Cap. Richelth (Charak)
  • Triphala Churna (Classical)
  •  Cap. Triphala (Himalaya)
  • Louhasav (Classical)
  • Gudduchayadhi Louha (Classical)
  • Abhrak Bhasma (Classical)
  • Chavanprash (Classical) 

Local Applications

 (Paste/Powder/Gel/Mouth Wash/Mouth Paint)
  • Dentone Tooth Powder
  •  Gum Tone Powder (Charak)
  • Gum Tone Gel Toothpaste (Charak)
  • HiOra K Mouth Wash(Himalaya)
  • Glycoseptal Mouth Wash (Jupiter)
  • AD Septal Mouth Wash(Arunava)
  • G 32 Mouth Paint (Alarsin)
  • Dososeptal


        As we discussed above about the topic so here we can conclude that stomatitis is a mirror of our total health. It can provide certification to you about your Guts functions and nutritional stratus. A review from a skilled person is always required to know about the nature of the disease. Therefore, to stay fit and fine we should strictly maintain a good oral hygiene and a habit of taking nutritious foods. 

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