Liver Cirrhosis; Ayurvedic & Herbal Treatment.

         Liver Cirrhosis, is a major problem worldwide. The patient himself with a long, heavy alcohol intake history or unhealthy lifestyle often worsens maximum of the cases. However, there are plenty of cases where the causes are unknown. Till today a definite low cost treatment therapy is not available to us. Patients suffering from it walk just in an unknown way with only hopes in mind that someone will cure them. Nevertheless, In Ayurveda Acharyas described many formulations and food habits for such people, who are suffering from it. So let check those.
         Liver is a vital and largest organ of our body, It plays multiple vital works like, distribution of food materials, detoxifying of blood impurities, in maintaining body immunity, It plays as an emergency storage, it produces many blood ingredients and gives many more vital supports to the body. However, in Liver Cirrhosis, the normal liver cells start to modify and turns in to deformed, scared, or fibrous tissues with the loss of structural and functional activities. Simply you can understand that the liver starts to modify by structural stratus, which leads to functional abnormalities. Generally, liver used to shrink in size, but the abdomen starts to grow huge.   
Ø Fatty Liver if remains untreated for a long time without physical activities having great chances of turning to liver Cirrhosis.
Ø Long-time use of alcohol without maintaining relative food habit. 1 in 10 heavy drinkers will eventually develop cirrhosis.
Ø Fatty liver associated with diabetes
Ø Fatty liver associated with obesity 
Ø Chronic Hepatitis (Viral Infection)
Ø In the cases of biliary atresia
Ø Blockage of the bile duct
Ø Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency
Ø Prolong regular or overdoses of hepatotoxic drugs (Like Paracetamol, Methotrexate, Methyl dopa etc.)
Ø Wilson’s Diseases
Ø Hemochromatosis.
Ø Low protein diet
Ø Parasitic diseases like malaria.
Ø Any abnormal growth or metastasis
Ø Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
Ø  Anorexia
Ø  Nausea
Ø  Pain in the stomach just after meal
Ø  Vomiting
Ø  Hematemesis
Ø  Rupture of oesophageal varicose
Ø  Black stool
Ø  Loss of weight
Ø  Anaemia
Ø  Jaundice
Ø  Oedema
Ø  Associates (collection of fluid in abdomen)
Ø  Muddy colorization of sclera
Ø  Sunken deep eye balls
Ø  Emaciated limbs in proportion to abdomen
Ø LFT or Liver Function Test
Ø Biopsy of Liver Cells
Ø USG whole abdomen
Ø Ascites fluid analysis
Ø Total protein
Home Remedies & Home Works
Ø  Gou Mutra (Cow’s Urine)
Ø  Milk as a meal
Ø  Dalim or pomegranate juice
Ø  Butter milk plays a great role
Ø  Avoid day sleep
Ø  Excessive walking mast be avoided (for those who already developed ascites)
Ø  Bhuamlaki plays very good role as hepato-protectors.
Ø  Juice of sugar cans is good
Ø  Juice of tender papaya leaves
Ø  Oily food should be avoided totally
Ø  Spices should be avoided
Ø  People who use to consume alcohols should stop it immediately
Ø  Certain Allopathic drugs are hepatotoxic; such drugs should be avoided after proper     consultation with the doctor.
Ø  Your liver needs a rest so does not make it so busy by consuming large amounts of food.
Ø  Preferable easily digestible food and drinks should be taken.
         If you are diagnosed early then you are lucky so just follow the normal guidelines given to you by your doctor and do accordingly.
Useful Medicines
Ø  Brihat Looknath Ras (Classical)
Ø  Icchabedhi Ras (Classical)
Ø  Kumari Ras (Classical)
Ø  Yakridari Louha (Classical)
Ø  Punarvavadhi Mandoor (Classical)
Ø  Maha Mritunjay Louha (Classical)
Ø  Navayas Louha (Classical)
Ø  Arogayavardhini Vati (Classical)
Ø  Saptika Bhasma (Classical)
Ø  Punarnavadhi Kwath (Classical)
Ø  Tab/Syp Liv 52
Ø  Cap/Syp Amlycure DS
Ø  Syp. Cirroliv
Ø  Syp. Livomyn
Ø  Cap. Liv 52 HB
Ø  Syp. Stimuliv
Ø  Tab. Vimliv
Ø  Tab. Vasuliv
Ø  Syp. Vasuliv
Ø  Tab. Megaliv
Ø  Livin Drops
Ø  Liv52 drops
Ø  Tab. Livin
Ø  Syp. Hepatovit SGC
Ø  Syp. Cir-Hep 10 

        Once you will develop liver cirrhosis then come back to normal tissues is quite impossible task and the life expectancy reduces very rapidly, liver transplant remains only hope, but which is risky too done and very costly, whereas getting a donor is a big issue. Nevertheless, if you are in the early stage of cirrhosis then following the guidelines given to you by your doctor, taking regular medicines and obeying the rules of healthy hepatic lifestyle may help you regain your lost treasures in some extents.

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