Urethritis: Ayurvedic and Herbal Treatment

Urethra is the gateway passage of urine from bladder to outside of the body. Means it is an external orifice which having greater chances of connection with the world’s deadly germs. The bacteria and other disease causing germs often infect urethra. In simple language, the inflammatory condition of urethra is known as Urethritis. It looks very simple and having very basic symptoms but it can be alarm for those who are sexually very active with multiple partners because it can be the knock of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease).


  • Primary infection from STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) causing germs like Gonococcus, Chlamydia etc.
  • E Coli Infection.
  • Fewer intakes of fluids commonly seen in the winter season.
  • Expose to hot and sunny atmosphere for a long time.
  • Stone formation in the Urinary Tract.
  • Excess intake of alcohols.
  • Retention of urine for a prolong time which is commonly seen in women and especially in outdoor activities or journeys.
  • Intake of excessive Steroids.
  • Sharing of public toilets is a major cause in women as the contact distance is less and due to short length of urethra, infection generally spreads quickly.
  • Sharing of undergarments.
  • Unhygienic life style


  • Painful micturition means pain during passing urine. 
  • Burning sensation in urethra after passing urine  (If this is the only symptom, then the infection is most likely urethritis, an infection limited to the urethra.)
  • Fear for passing urine.
  • Abnormal discharge from urethra.
  • Irritation in the Urethra.
  • Itching in the opening of Urethra.
  • Mild to severe raise of temperature with chill and rigor (Occasionally) 

Required Investigations:

  • Physical Examination having great importance in ruled out of STD.
  • Urine routine examination.
  • Urine for Culture and sensitivity 
  • Skin Ulceration in the head of the penis (Generally seen in STD)
  • Blood Routine Examination.
  • Blood sugar.
  • Stool Examination.
  • VDRL.
  • HIV.
  • Elisa test etc.

Home Remedies:

  • Plenty amount of fluid orally is mast and it is most effective way to wash out the germs from the body.
  • Juice of Punarnava ( Boerhavia diffusa) plant is very much effective in UTI
  • Juice of Pashanbedh (Bryophyllum pinnata) is good when taken with powder of Gukshur (Tribulus terrestris) in UTI.
  • Cold Milk is effective along with plenty of sugar.
  • Tea is a very good diuretic act great as antioxidant.
  • Coconut water is considered as useful in UTI and Urethritis.
  • Gukshur (Tribulus terrestris) seeds with Roots of Aswagandha is very useful.


  • Chandrapravha Vati (Classical)
  • Kaishore Guggulu (Classical)
  • Punarnavadhi Mandoor (Classical)
  • Gocchuradhi Guggulu (Classical)
  • Varunadhya louha (Classical)
  • Chandanadhi Louha (Classical)
  • Punarnavadhi Guggulu (Classical)
  • Punarnavasava (Classical)
  • Tab. Cystone (Himalaya)
  • Tab. Neo (Charak)
  • Tab. Calcurry (Charak)
  • Tab. Neeri (Amil)
  • Tab. Distone (Himalaya)
  • Syp  Neeri (Amil)
  • Syp. Flush (RND)
  • Syp. Flow Rine (Swesh Pharma)
  • Syp. Alka5 (Charak)
  • Syp. Renalka (Himalaya)


        Therefore, after this discussion one thing is very clear that it can be a nock towards STD but early diagnosis is always good to treat. One more thing to remember other than STD there are many such organism which can cause urethritis and if in such cases proper treatment is not conducted in time the infection can inter in the bladder and may create UTI or Cystitis. Please before starting self-medications, please consult with your doctor.

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