Asokarista: Ingredients, Indications, Dosages

·        Bhaishyaja Ratnavali
·        Pradararogadhikar (Treatment of Leucorrhoea etc.)
·        Verse no 607-610
·        Asoka
·        Dhatikipuspa
·        Svetajiraka
·        Mustha
·        Sunthi 
·        Daruharidra
·        Niotpala
·        Haritaki
·        Vibhitaki
·        Amlaki
·        Vasak 
·        Chandana
·        Dysmenorrhea   
·        Leucorrhoea 
·        Menorrhagia
·        Anaemia
·        Uterine prolapsed cases
·        Vaginal prolapsed cases
·        Bleeding disorders
·        Piles 
·        As Uterine tonic
Importance of this drug
Uterus a major part of female reproductive system. It is the site where the life of a human being begins. Its environment plays a vital role in the later stage of life after birth. Therefore, any deformity of this organ may cause harm to maternal & fatal health. Therefore, it is very necessary for the medical science to give a good environment to that mother who has somehow abnormalities in the uterus, for not only the mother but also the future coming baby, the future citizens. This drug is a uterine tonic and that can prevent many such odd diseases. It plays an important role in the Ayurvedic field of Genealogy practice.
·        4 tsf twice daily with half glass of water just after food.
·        Asokrista along with 1tsf of Pushyanag Choorna with Honey or Rice Water just after food works great in white discharge.
         Almost a safe herbal preparation but few precaution  is better take as very less studies till now conducted on this preparations like,
·        3. It should not be continued for along time (as directed by physician)
·        4. Avoid in Pregnancy.
·        5. Avoid during lactation.
·        6. Avoid during pre-operative or post-operative stages.
·        7. Avoid in any case of reaction/acidity noted after use.
       Almost all the leading Ayurvedic drug manufacturing company making it. It comes in generally 450 ml glass/plastic bottle.

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