Medicinal Properties & Uses Of Bakuchi (Psoralia corylifolia)

        Bakuchi, a very common name in Ayurveda. In herbal society, it is well known due to its special effect in many skin diseases. It is widely used in many preparations.
Scientific Name
Ø  Psoralia corylifolia
Local Names
Ø Bakchi (Hindi),
Ø Habuch (Bengali),
Ø Babchi (Gujrati),
Ø Psoralea Seed (English),
Ø Bavanchalu (Telugu), 
Ø Karpokarishi (Tamil).
Parts Used
Ø Seeds
Ø Seed Oil
Interesting Facts
Ø Seeds are kept in Cow’s urine or Ginger juice for 7 days to make pure and oral useable.
Ø It is an origin of South Asia and well distributed in Indian subcontinent and China.
Ø From last thousands of years it is in use as medicinal herb.
Ø It is an evergreen plant with 4-9 meters in height.
Ø Bakuchi plants can make non-obligate relationship with a number (More than 300) of other plants.
Ø It is seen that few plants can survive more than 100 years
Ø The plant parasitizes the roots of other tree species, with a haustorium adaptation on its own roots, but without major detriment to its hosts.
Ø Seeds are generally used to spread by birds.
Ø December to January is the time of trading of this plant due to high concentrate of its alkaloids.
Medical Properties & Uses
Ø Useful in treatment of Leukoderma.
Ø Useful in Psoriasis.
Ø Useful in ringworm infection.
Ø Having anti-microbial activities.
Ø Useful in nerve disorders.
Ø Useful in Cough.
Ø Useful in Breathing difficulties.
Ø Useful in diabetes.
Ø Useful in impotency.
Ø Useful in chronic fever.
Ø Useful in anaemia.
Ø Useful in general weakness.
Ø Useful in treating worms.
Ø It improves our Immune system & helps in growing immunity.
Ø Useful in digestion disorders.
Ø Useful in minor cuts of skin.
Ø Useful in controlling tumour growth.
Ø Useful in premature ejaculation.
Ø Useful in frequent urination,
Ø Useful Incontinence-strengthens urinary sphincter
Ø  Khadirarista
Ø  Cap. Bakuchi
Ø  Powder Of Bakuchi Seeds
Ø  Bakuchi Oil
Ø  Somraji Oil

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